What are you good folks using for tagging? acts_as_taggable? Looks kinda heavyweight.

She’s clearly of a different type, but best wishes from Lola & dad ❤️❤️❤️

Composability has a price: coded a single field form today in elm, ensured fields where reusable and decoupled from view code.
Almost 1k lines of code, including Html.* code.
Amazing experience, literally a truckload of fun.

@ London Elm code night. We’re getting older.

I’d love a book on how to handle juniors. Something line “Juniors in action” or “Understanding Juniors”.

Can’t find how to send DMs with Amaroq, anybody can share a hint?

It’s quite sweet to have a whole website dedicated to programming, always found difficult to have proper technical conversations on the bird site...

Learned Ruby in 2005 coming from Python, built a number of applications during the years, enjoyed almost all of them 🐵

These days I do lots of Elm, and pretty soon will start dabbling with Elixir again.

I also do DevOps.

All these hats will kill me.


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