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Got a query this morning from DHS, asking about buying Sidekiq Enterprise.

My response:

"I can't morally justify selling to or supporting the DHS in any way, not while your organization is separating families and locking up kids."

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Today I finished listening to the Changelog episode about the journey that took Segment to come back to the mono-repo:


To me, the most interesting pain point about microservices they described is maintaining and evolving a shared library between the services.

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"The code you write makes you a programmer. The code you delete makes you a good one. The code you don't have to write makes you a great one." - Mario Fusco

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@olistik About this

> from the documentation of dry-rb/monads I cannot see how different kind of Success/Failure can be handled.

If I got this question right, the construct for cases are kind of different:


The main idea is to use Results mixin and later apply Matchers to the payload.

But matchers are their own beast. IMO mixing with Results would make more complicated. That's why there's a dry-rb/matchers: dry-rb.org/gems/dry-matcher/

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I'm looking for feedback 💬 over a small Ruby :ruby: implementation of the Result Object: source.olisti.co/snippets/1
Thanks in advance. 🖖

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Learned Ruby in 2005 coming from Python, built a number of applications during the years, enjoyed almost all of them 🐵

These days I do lots of Elm, and pretty soon will start dabbling with Elixir again.

I also do DevOps.

All these hats will kill me.

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I'm going to watch, once again, this beautiful keynote by Avdi Grimm:


I'm using Ruby professionally since 2006 and I'm not that good at introducing myself. 😄
Feel free to ping me to chat about *.


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