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Trying to get back into Rust with the advent of code.

So where does one post Ruby jobs in 2019?

Awesome new features shipped in Firefox 67! Do yourself and the Internet a favor and use Firefox or Safari as your browser, not the spyware from Google.

I've been playing with Roda recently, and it's really fun. Go for it.

does anyone know of a good self-hosted pastebin/file-locker, has some form of authentication, and can be used from curl? Kinda like htttps:// but on my server.

Drying my old keycaps. Nothing mechanical (yet?), my hipster cred is too low.

Just a well deserved cleanup.

Microsoft sued a renowned e-waste innovator. Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15-month prison term and a $50,000 fine for providing Windows restore disks that MS provides free downloads for. It's still a rotten company.

So there's this small-ish website/gallery that I need to build, and I'd like not to use Rails because it seems really too big for the task. I'm not sure if I should dive into Hanami for the occasion, or maybe just go super-light with Roda.

California Fires, Capitalism 

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler's house burnt down, making headlines. One of dozens of houses they have or could buy in a heartbeat with their many millions of dollars.

Meanwhile exploited agriculture laborers and prisoners *putting out the fires* have to work for criminally low wages risking their life, cause they don't make enough to afford to not work.

Fuck capitalism.

I know I'm in a bit of a bubble but since the whole thing that got me into #ruby development was to contribute to #diaspora I was shocked when no one I talked to at #rubyconf has heard of #mastodon and the one person that heard of #diaspora thought it died a long time ago. I knew we had work to do on getting the #fediverse profile bumped up but still shocked at the lack of awareness of it here. Going to put my thinking cap on on this topic...

Starting the week with a meeting where the PM complains about not having JIRA.

It's write-telegram-bots-in-ruby time. I have weird relaxing habits. ☕😌

Currently going through Rust koans from

It reminds me I did the same with Ruby some years ago. ☺️

I miss working with Ruby at $job. I'm working with golang, building grpc micro-services these days.

Subserial Network is up for pre-order!

If you've been waiting to explore the mesh network of the post-singularity, and track down and re-humanise synthetics who want new bodies, new interfaces, to live within the Net, in a multiple window retrofuture ... now you can!

Or, soon. But now you can commit. #gamedev #gameing

In 2014, I added ASCII art to Sidekiq's bootup, the now-infamous kicker.

I thought "I need something even better for Sidekiq Pro customers". I recalled my BBS years and thought ANSI art would be awesome.

I found an ANSI artist on DeviantArt and emailed him about commissioning something similar. He replied, saying "I don't charge for my work, here's something for free (!!!)".

That's how I got Roy/SAC, world famous ANSI artist, to build Sidekiq Pro's boot screen.

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