So there's this small-ish website/gallery that I need to build, and I'd like not to use Rails because it seems really too big for the task. I'm not sure if I should dive into Hanami for the occasion, or maybe just go super-light with Roda.

@oz I’ve always liked the look of Hanami—The API is a nice opinionated departure from rails, so I feel like I’d learn a lot by trying it out on something small. I’ve used Sinatra before, so Roda doesn’t feel like enough of a departure for me to want to try it out. But most of my motivation for the smaller projects tends to be “yay, time to learn something” rather than “yay, time to use the right tool for the job” ;)

@adamnbowen I've heard good and bad things about Hanami. Maybe, I'll give it a go to forge my own opinion, or try to use Lucky from our neighbours. I haven't decided yet, but I have a few days left before the holidays. 😉

@oz To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone who used Hanami, I’ve just thought it looked cool from what I’ve read about it ;). Lucky looks fun too, so I fully support that option as well :)

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