Testing out Ruby 3.1 with vs Ruby 3.0.

This shows a sharp decrease of CPU usage for a small Sinatra-based API.

Improvements in response times aren't as visible because the app is mostly IO bound. The app is small, so the memory penalty is light too. I like it.

Thanks Shopify. 👍

Are you WIP-ing son? This is (part of) the commit-logs from a pull-request I was reviewing today.

It made me smile. 😄

I was looking at Babosa (github.com/norman/babosa), when I noticed the project is used "a lot" by python devs. 😆

This may not last long, but I find it nice that robots are using Github to auto-generate stuff ; after all Github's opened the box with their own "AI" bot. Still, probably just annoying marketing.

Drying my old keycaps. Nothing mechanical (yet?), my hipster cred is too low.

Just a well deserved cleanup.

Cleaning the old typematrix ... In a few months I hope that my Dygma will finally ship 🙏


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