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Witness that single sidekiq worker where anxious devs reduced concurrency to 1, and manage to have deadlock.

benchmark-ips is a nice reality check when you think you can refactor a well optimized piece of slightly unreadable code. 😅

uspol, COVID-19 

Never forget this is all because of the greed and lust for power of the people in the executive. If we had properly locked down, with rents and mortgages halted and a UBI, we’d be over the pandemic by now and have had only a fraction of the deaths and chronic sickness.

They literally murdered close to half a million people so far. With nothing to show for, other then billionaires getting even richer.

Oh, I forgot, also a bonus armed resurrection trying to overthrow democracy.

Random troll today: Ruby programmers enjoy Golang, while Node.js programmers prefer Rust.

The ActivityPub Conference is going virtual this year:

Thanks to @sl007 for the heads up!

Hire me 

I have a feeling that I'm going to be available for more work soon. If you're around the central timezone, and don't mind the French accent, hit the PMs. 😎

Trying to get back into Rust with the advent of code.

Awesome new features shipped in Firefox 67! Do yourself and the Internet a favor and use Firefox or Safari as your browser, not the spyware from Google.

I've been playing with Roda recently, and it's really fun. Go for it.

does anyone know of a good self-hosted pastebin/file-locker, has some form of authentication, and can be used from curl? Kinda like htttps:// but on my server.

Drying my old keycaps. Nothing mechanical (yet?), my hipster cred is too low.

Just a well deserved cleanup.

Microsoft sued a renowned e-waste innovator. Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15-month prison term and a $50,000 fine for providing Windows restore disks that MS provides free downloads for. It's still a rotten company.

So there's this small-ish website/gallery that I need to build, and I'd like not to use Rails because it seems really too big for the task. I'm not sure if I should dive into Hanami for the occasion, or maybe just go super-light with Roda.

California Fires, Capitalism 

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Gerard Butler's house burnt down, making headlines. One of dozens of houses they have or could buy in a heartbeat with their many millions of dollars.

Meanwhile exploited agriculture laborers and prisoners *putting out the fires* have to work for criminally low wages risking their life, cause they don't make enough to afford to not work.

Fuck capitalism.

I know I'm in a bit of a bubble but since the whole thing that got me into #ruby development was to contribute to #diaspora I was shocked when no one I talked to at #rubyconf has heard of #mastodon and the one person that heard of #diaspora thought it died a long time ago. I knew we had work to do on getting the #fediverse profile bumped up but still shocked at the lack of awareness of it here. Going to put my thinking cap on on this topic...

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