A 'big' CentOS Stream 8 update came through tonight: new kernel, Java and a smattering of other packages.

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"A barefoot hiker told me once that the reason we’re drawn to screens is that we’re looking for fire."

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@be I think that a big mistake that the Free Software movement has made is to almost completely ignore how to fund the development of Free Software. Funding is a problem capitalism has no problem solving. Governance is another problem Free Software has mostly ignored, even though it may well be an even harder and more important problem to solve than funding.

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@passthejoe Using and developing *free* software, I hope you mean 😉.
If everyone becomes a developer, but they're still slaves to proprietary SW, the free software movement has failed.

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@passthejoe @dekkzz78

People suck. I'm going to use these as tools to achieve my ultimate goal of no people.
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@passthejoe IMO increasing opportunities, choices and building an inclusive environment should be the key not just cramming numbers through a mincer.

I am starting a new blog entry: The 2021 Linux laptop rebuild. It is a work in progress. passthejoe.net/posts/2021_0411

With my move to CentOS Stream 8, I reinstalled Hugo and needed to update my old theme. Instead I just tried a new one. passthejoe.net/

It's not like I have issues with any Linux distribution on my 2017 HP laptop, but CentOS Stream 8 is exceptionally solid. Sound, suspend/resume, printing (with HPLIP), display, power management. It all works. The update pace is Debian Stable-slow.

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Vald: A Highly Scalable Distributed Vector Search Engine

(submitted by ngaut)

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My special #PeerTube instance geared towards creators is up and running. I'm in the process of migrating over myself, before I shut down my personal instance.

Still looking for creators interested in putting videos on it. Feel free to DM me! In the meantime, check it out:

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@zens @alcinnz Perl has paid my bills for years, and I don't touch the stuff.

Coincidentally, I've just figured there's something I REALLY don't want to do in PHP (daemonized processes), so back to Perl it is...

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