I am now using Syncthing on 57 GB of data on my way to 200 GB. I also haven't organized or otherwise even looked at most of these files over the past many years. So eventually I will sync less, I hope. syncthing.net

I am setting up Syncthing to sync about 300 GB of data between two computers syncthing.net/

60 years of Ernie Ball: the history of a family business that changed the world of guitar and bass as we know it | Guitar World guitarworld.com/features/60-ye

When it comes to my HP laptop running quickly and cool, Debian Stable is doing an excellent job

I just installed Syncthing on my Debian laptop and started the service automatically with systemd docs.syncthing.net/users/autos

Debian 11.5 Released With NVIDIA Driver Security Fixes, Linux Retbleed Mitigation, Other - Phoronix phoronix.com/news/Debian-11.5-

The reason I have so many updates right now is the release of @Debian 11.5 debian.org/News/2022/202209100

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Supply chain normality returns for PCs but not servers, says Dell - Over at HP, CEO says a client price war is now looming The supply chain for personal comp... - go.theregister.com/feed/www.th

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@passthejoe The author of this article doesn't seem to understand Mastodon (or doesn't want to).

Falling back from Fedora Silverblue 36 to Debian Stable 11 fixed a couple of bugs:

In LibreOffice Calc, ctrl-; spits out the date

In Vim, no need to hit Enter to clear command line after cd

(But gEdit scrolling issue WAS fixed in Fedora!)

Meet DOMi & JD Beck, the Gen-Z duo reinventing jazz fusion: "The only time we went into an actual studio was to record Herbie Hancock's piano" | MusicRadar musicradar.com/news/domi-jd-be

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