The excellent bootable-USB-creator @fedora Media Writer is available for all Linuxes via Flathub

I filed a new bug in Fedora EPEL: 2015259 – Neofetch now requires catimg, which isn't packaged for EPEL

@RedHat @fedora @CentOS @AlmaLinux @rocky_linux

This @RedHat documentation is extremely helpful for @CentOS, @rocky_linux and @AlmaLinux users: Installing, managing, and removing user-space components Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

gThumb, the best image viewer and editor on any platform, is now available in a Flatpak for Linux users.

Debian and RHEL/CentOS are very different animals. While Debian is behind several MONTHS on Chromium, more due to dysfunction than anything else, Debian Stable is holding back on the new Firefox ESR, which has been in CentOS Stream for at least a week. That part is probably intentional.

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Today's CentOS Stream 8 updates include a notable upgrade: The Firefox ESR browser goes to 91.2.0.

I installed the @vivaldibrowser on two systems — one @fedora, the other @Windows. I already had it on my @CentOS Stream 8 system. For me, sync is table stakes, and Chromium's removal of that integral feature closed the door on both it and Chrome.

There are a whole lot of @CentOS Stream 8 updates waiting for you today or tomorrow

Chromium 93 migrated to @debian Testing today. It hit Unstable on Sept. 19. Still waiting for it to appear in Stable. FYI, last Stable update was 90.0.4430.212 on May 21. For those keeping track, Chromium 94 just came out (and is already in the Flatpak).

I am starting to look at @ubuntu with new (and very favorable) eyes. The relative stability, lack of drama and overall polish are starting to look very, very good.

It's Windows 10 test week, and I am here to report that the Edge browser has made many performance improvements. If I were running Windows regularly, I would probably dump Chrome for it.

I upgraded my Windows laptop to Ruby 3.0.2. No drama. It works.

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