I recently removed a couple of blog entries about my disappointment in CentOS Stream, but the About page on my CentOS Stream updates blog tells it pretty well. tl;dr hoping for better things in Stream 9.

I removed the blog posts because my efforts to shed light on the problems with CentOS Stream security updates only resulted in people shrugging their virtual shoulders or telling me to piss off. CentOS Stream 8 gets a new kernel roughly once a month, and almost always lags a couple of weeks behind RHEL. Same happened for an httpd (aka Apache Web Server) patch.

The nicer Red Hatters have told me things will be better in Stream 9. Now that RHEL 9 is out, we can check on that.

I'm running CentOS Stream 9 in a VM, but I'm not eager to use it as a daily system. RHEL-like distros are still hard to use on the desktop, even with EPEL and Copr.

Fedora has everything package-wise, and it has a solid security model and isn't being starved for updates by a parent company. Same is true for Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, Arch, Mint, Pop OS, Elementary, Slackware, etc.

Still hoping for a turnaround in CentOS Stream 9, and that will happen if it's a true upstream to RHEL.

Also, I thought I wouldn't be alone in being bothered by this problem, but I pretty much was (and am).

I didn't understand the Red Hat culture very well, but I've been schooled.

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