Hello Ruby.social! Any follow recommendations for a Mastodon newbie?

Hi, new to the group, still learning ruby and working on portfolio projects in hopes of landing a full time job.

Hey everyone! I am a teacher and independent software developer from Germany working quite a lot with rubymotion

Hey people!
Ruby developer with almost a decade of experience here. Glad to meet you all 😌

πŸ‘‹ Hi everyone from Vladivostok, Russia.

seen in a shell config:
`alias fliptable='git reset --hard HEAD'`

Hi, everyone!
Does anyone know of any company that is hiring remote junior developers? I have more than one year of experience in backend and I am looking for new opportunities.

I will appreciate all your RT! πŸ™Œ :mastodon:

Howdy everyone! I decided to join here after I committed to learning Ruby.

I'm in grad school for Economics, but I like to do small projects on the side. I learned Perl as a hobby through high school, but now I want to tackle a new language, and have decided to learn Ruby!

Being used to Twitter, I wanted to see if I could find a community of other people of all backgrounds learning/well versed in Ruby, which brought me here!

Here's to making new friends on this journey!

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