Heck yea! I finally was able to give approval to post my talk from the conference. Here's the first half of it!!! youtu.be/o0d4sjcUfCg

(second half coming soon) please pretty please boost

@judofyr I recently started using Tubby. Thanks for your work.

The more I code the less I like abbreviations. I write software in the veterinary space and this came up again recently. A fellow developer used "tx" to mean transaction. I thought it meant "tax". The person who works with our clients thought it meant "treatment".

I expect to write code once, but read it a bunch of times. Having things spelled out is easier than trying to guess meaning from context.

Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run Depfu.com, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

This is quite interesting!
Hey ya'll! I'm learning Ruby from Launch School which is an online school for Software Engineers. Cheers everyone✨

Matz is getting people to weigh in on the |> operator over on the birdsite: twitter.com/yukihiro_matz/stat

My thoughts, having it as an alias for dot operator is meh.

PSA: if you are using Mojave and having issues compiling gems, this cleared up some issues for me: gorails.com/setup/osx/10.14-mo

This extends way beyond games: youtube.com/watch?v=QHHg99hwQG

(Chief designer of Magic: The Gathering explains principles/lessons learned)

I am a software developer, my favourite programming languages are Ruby and C++.

I also love Scholasticism philosophy and video-games.

RT @mudge@twitter.com

I’ve written up a comprehensive overview of the new function composition operators introduced in Ruby 2.6: “A Guide to Function Composition in Ruby”, ghostcassette.com/function-com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mudge/status/11261

Hi, I'm Rui from Portugal, Rubyist, working with RoR, React/Vuejs and getting into Elixir/Phoenix. I also teach web development at Le Wagon bootcamps around the world 👋

Hopefully this works alright! 🙋‍♂️

So, I am Tarek, Rubyist, Engineer, ex-Intercom, living in Dublin, Ireland. Would love to see how this plays out connecting to Rubyists all around 🌍

@amirrajan For what it's worth, I'm still grateful/excited for the DragonRuby GTK stuff.

Dear Ruby devs and game devs. I have a crazy announcement I want to share. Please boost.

Last week I released A Dark Room to the Nintendo Switch. Within the game, I also shipped a Ruby interpreter and a code editor as an Easter Egg.

*This Easter Egg effectively turns every consumer spec-ed Nintendo Switch into a Ruby Machine.*

1. Download A Dark Room from the US/EU.
2. Connect a USB keyboard and press the “~” key.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

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