What is the easiest way to fix a failing spec for a given seed that passes for other seeds?
Insert a `rand` somewhere before the spec!

.where(badges: badge)
.create_with(achieved_on: Time.current)
syntax is ridiculous. Including the mandatory `{}`. And it's the only way to create or find a record if it exists with `[:user_id, :badge_id]` unique index on the `user_badges`. The original `find_or_create` that suffers from race conditions is way easier to use.

Cryptocurrency mining does produce a value, trust, in the same way as gold mining provides trust (well, provided in the past since $ is not bound to gold now) towards fiat currencies.
We don't need as much gold as we mine, do we?
Gold mining is also quite expensive, and is getting more and more expensive over the years.

Boolshit - an incorrect application of the boolean logic.

With a lengthy list of things that I'd like to do on the open source front, I've spent 100 hours playing Witcher 3. Didn't play any game since GTA V came out.

I feel ashamed for such a sort of procrastination, and I have mixed feelings when multiply 100 hours by my hourly rate.

But the game is great, and I feel that it's what I need right now.

How do you spend your time when not feeding the insatiable creative part of your personality?

Also, a fix the problem with an awesome TestProf's `let_it_be` I've spend so much time debugging has been just merged test-prof.evilmartians.io/#/le

Sometimes the amount of open-source work is overwhelming. This is just for last two days.

It's really awesome to come back after two months to realize it's really lively and crowded here! Spent a fair amount of time to catch up.

RSpec's implicit block cryptic expectation syntax will disappear from RSpec 3.9.0 github.com/rspec/rspec-expecta

Also, I've joined the RSpec Core team! 🙌

This talk is brilliant vimeo.com/9270320

All about the lack and overlook of fundamental research in different aspects of practical programming.

It touches so many topics that it would hardly fit into a toot limit.

Just watch it.

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