Boolshit - an incorrect application of the boolean logic.

Have you stumbled across `bad1dea` git ref yet?

With a lengthy list of things that I'd like to do on the open source front, I've spent 100 hours playing Witcher 3. Didn't play any game since GTA V came out.

I feel ashamed for such a sort of procrastination, and I have mixed feelings when multiply 100 hours by my hourly rate.

But the game is great, and I feel that it's what I need right now.

How do you spend your time when not feeding the insatiable creative part of your personality?

Also, a fix the problem with an awesome TestProf's `let_it_be` I've spend so much time debugging has been just merged

Sometimes the amount of open-source work is overwhelming. This is just for last two days.

It's really awesome to come back after two months to realize it's really lively and crowded here! Spent a fair amount of time to catch up.

RSpec's implicit block cryptic expectation syntax will disappear from RSpec 3.9.0

Also, I've joined the RSpec Core team! 🙌

This talk is brilliant

All about the lack and overlook of fundamental research in different aspects of practical programming.

It touches so many topics that it would hardly fit into a toot limit.

Just watch it.

My patch has been accepted to Sidekiq, and my article got its way to Ruby Weekly. What a week! 🙌

Renewed the domain. Has it been a year already? 🎂 :ruby:

Question. In which namespace `B` is defined?

A = do
B = 1
A::B # => ???
B # => ???

More on the topic

Are you adventurous enough to use Sidekiq via ActiveJob?

Would you like to hear a success story with a lot of "gotcha" moments?

Would you be interested in seeing a list of best practices digested from over a hundred of background job related code reviews?

Is it a common practice amongst company recruiters to send a not working link for the follow-up interview, and stop replying to emails? Is this a polite way to say "we're not interested"?

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