@brian_kephart doesn't seem to be a big deal since it can be written as:
[1, 2, 3, 'string', 'str', Class.new].map(&:class).tally
=> {Integer=>3, String=>2, Class=>1}

@brian_kephart How is your `belongs_to` defined on that parent? Is there a NOT NULL index on that parent's column? What is happening in that controller action to those models? Which one is getting deleted? Do you `destroy` or `delete`? Are there any `after_commit` callbacks?

@postmodern Mike blogged about this a couple years ago. mikeperham.com/2016/05/25/side

Crystal is only getting better since then. Also, `crystal.cr` is still maintained.

@fredlinhares I'll send you Laravel test next time, we'll see how you react 馃槀

@tamouse You don't want to make a typo in an instance var usage.

RSpec's implicit block cryptic expectation syntax will disappear from RSpec 3.9.0 github.com/rspec/rspec-expecta

Also, I've joined the RSpec Core team! 馃檶

@postmodern There are some neat jobs there, not specifically ruby. Everyone are looking for full-stacks those days anyway.

@postmodern stackoverflow.com/jobs, weworkremotely.com, jobs.github.com ?

This talk is brilliant vimeo.com/9270320

All about the lack and overlook of fundamental research in different aspects of practical programming.

It touches so many topics that it would hardly fit into a toot limit.

Just watch it.

@james Thanks!

Seems they've added it before I've made a correction to the article basing on your lexical scope remark.

My patch has been accepted to Sidekiq, and my article got its way to Ruby Weekly. What a week! 馃檶

@james You're right, the wording it's defined in top-level namespace is incorrect, should be the same scope as the block containing it. 馃憤

Renewed the ruby.social domain. Has it been a year already? 馃巶 :ruby:

Question. In which namespace `B` is defined?

A = Class.new do
B = 1
A::B # => ???
B # => ???

More on the topic fili.pp.ru/leaky-constants.htm

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