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It would be awesome if people who maintain open source repositories would spend more time on incoming issues and pull requests. I ping some of them once in a while with no luck and almost no hope.

Will never happen to my repos ✋ :bible:

Converted RSpec Style Guide from Markdown to AsciiDoc.

AsciiDoctor, which is written in Ruby, does a great job. As a result, the markup is more semantic, and the output is nicer.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

After a 1.5 break I blogged about my last pull request.

After writing this down, I feel more confident to fix 1335 RuboCop offences in `rspec-core`.

I have a gut feeling it's finally happening, and I'll be able to move on to the next item on my list of planned open source submissions.

Being a niché, performance-oriented, RuboCop cop, AggregateExamples helped one project to shave off some part of its spec suite run, and also with proper techniques to improve its readability.

Fixed several RuboCop Node Pattern manual inconsistencies.
It's easy to shoot yourself in the leg with Node Pattern, and the with wrong docs it's easy to be a sharp leg shooter.

Went back and removed some useless stuff from my pull request. Feels good now when I can understand all of it.

Not much this week. Addressed a bunch of things in my `rubocop-rspec` pull request, but there's a ton of things to improve that I originally missed. The primary problem is the cop's size and complexity is growing towards ones of Style/ConditionalAssignment.

Learned (again) the hard way that writing good comments not only helps code reviewers and future contributors to your code, but also yourself. Went back to my +1000 lines pull request to `rubocop-rspec` to address new code review notes after a month not touching this code.

With 56 changed files in 63 commits amendments to those commits are becoming particularly difficult. It's tempting to leave `fixup!` commits in the history, but no.

Advocated for NodePattern part extraction from RuboCop main repository that Jônatas has started.
The current implementation of NodePattern builds Ruby code to walk the tree, while there could be other approaches to the same problem with potentially same performance and less code.

Addressed most of code review notes on RuboCop `rspec-expectations` über-fix.

Submitted a pull request to `rspec-expectations` that fixes all 1700 RuboCop offences.

2019-02-26 Fixed 1300 out of 1700 RuboCop offences in one of the popular gems I use every day.

2019-02-24 Added `Example Group Structure` section to `rspec-style-guide`, rearranged the recommendations to fit the new structure.

2019-02-12..23 Several attempts at fixing `rspec-core`/`mocks`/`expectations` to be global configuration proof in development. Ended up removing my `~/.rspec`.

2019-02-18 Reorganized `let`/`let!` recommendations in `rspec-style-guide`.

2019-02-17 Added a detailed code review for anti-`Timecop` new cop pull request in `rubocop-rails`.

2019-02-08 Submitted a fix for handling of weird subject `hash` change to `rspec-expectations`

2019-02-07 Added hook related recommendations to `rspec-style-guide`

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