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My patch has been accepted to Sidekiq, and my article got its way to Ruby Weekly. What a week! 🙌

Renewed the domain. Has it been a year already? 🎂 :ruby:

Question. In which namespace `B` is defined?

A = do
B = 1
A::B # => ???
B # => ???

More on the topic

Are you adventurous enough to use Sidekiq via ActiveJob?

Would you like to hear a success story with a lot of "gotcha" moments?

Would you be interested in seeing a list of best practices digested from over a hundred of background job related code reviews?

Is it a common practice amongst company recruiters to send a not working link for the follow-up interview, and stop replying to emails? Is this a polite way to say "we're not interested"?

Does it make sense to include an RSS feed in a personal blog?

Do you have RSS in your blog?

Are you subscribed to someone's blog via RSS?

Posted an article about Open Source, Biochemistry, and Happiness.

Appreciate your feedback.

Converted the Rails style guide and the Ruby style guide to AsciiDoc, too.

Go check it out!

Why AsciiDoc? It's hard to write a blog post. It's easy to write an email. AsciiDoc was created to be easy to write in the first place.

Went through the open tickets in `rubocop-rspec`, fixed three bugs, added (well, extracted) a new cop.

Did you know that if you declare a constant or a class inside RSpec's DSL, they will be declared globally, and will clash with subsequent declarations?

Vote for it!

It would be awesome if people who maintain open source repositories would spend more time on incoming issues and pull requests. I ping some of them once in a while with no luck and almost no hope.

Will never happen to my repos ✋ :bible:

Converted RSpec Style Guide from Markdown to AsciiDoc.

AsciiDoctor, which is written in Ruby, does a great job. As a result, the markup is more semantic, and the output is nicer.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

After a 1.5 break I blogged about my last pull request.

After writing this down, I feel more confident to fix 1335 RuboCop offences in `rspec-core`.

I have a gut feeling it's finally happening, and I'll be able to move on to the next item on my list of planned open source submissions.

Being a niché, performance-oriented, RuboCop cop, AggregateExamples helped one project to shave off some part of its spec suite run, and also with proper techniques to improve its readability.

Fixed several RuboCop Node Pattern manual inconsistencies.
It's easy to shoot yourself in the leg with Node Pattern, and the with wrong docs it's easy to be a sharp leg shooter.

Went back and removed some useless stuff from my pull request. Feels good now when I can understand all of it.

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