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Whether now or later, will hurt a software project and its team. It is far better to tackle the root causes that make overtime seem appealing rather than accepting it as a necessary reality.

The only thing in this article I agree with is this line: “let the cargo cult die.” Let faux agility give way to first principles. What’s needed is a reformation, not a replacement — “It’s time to go, Agile.” by @KaiAnsaari

Every so often I run across commit messages that are downright useless. I wish more would consider who may be coming along after them when writing their commit messages:

Doing things with runners on is not altogether enjoyable - it’s better than screen over SSH, but not a lot

Would love to hear about interesting ways other have dealt gracefully with conditions in applications — looking to flesh out my talk with experiences beyond my own

A quick instance update :ruby: :mastodon:

As of now, we've blown way past the 500 users from a week ago, and are now at 673 Ruby-friendly folk. Welcome!

We also have 8 supremely-generous people/organisations contributing to the Patreon, which is now pretty close to covering the hosting costs. Update about that here:

"Secure" messaging can mean something different for everyone. Ask these questions when you make choices about which messengers are right for you.

If you're ever looking for Ruby help, we're around on IRC at on freenode any time.

You can find me on there as @baweaver, and as always ping me if you have any issues with conduct.

Discovered that lets you setup redirection from an account on one host to an account on another. Just redirected my @plainprogrammer account to my @plainprogrammer account.

Trying out Mastodon as I keep hearing more and more about it, which is a good sign. As a test, here's a giant turtle I saw last week.

A good article on the risks of heroics when it comes to software development — sparked a conversation in which I think a good attitude to adopt is that we need disciplined approaches, and refinable processes that make heroes unnecessary

I've been doing ruby development for 10+ years and still love it. I'm full stack, bi-lingual and an immigrant.
The coolest thing I've done recently has been using the Clean Architecture paradigm in a Rails app, it's really amazing.


is a must see — a poignant and necessary reminder of our nation’s past and present problems

Due to popular demand, and the ever-increasing net to explain Mastodon to newbies as every instance is being bombarded with new users...

I've gone ahead and create a video tutorial that should help folks get to grips with all of this platform's particulars:

Intro to Mastodon 101

Special Thanks to:
@noelle @Gargron @MillennialDog @Rybark

Spending my afternoon learning about — deciding if there is anything interesting I want to build as a part of this

Selling a lightly used Lenovo Yoga 710-15iKB (4K, Tablet/Laptop, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) - works well with Fedora, comes with Windows 10 Pro

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