Figured this would be a good place to soft launch this. I setup a Discord server specifically for the topic of Ruby & InfoSec. The goal of this server is to help answer questions, educate others, highlight other Ruby InfoSec projects, and counter anti-Ruby FUD with information. If you are interested in both Ruby & InfoSec, or just want to help, consider joining.

Context: the InfoSec community is very Python-centric; even though you can use any general purpose programming language for InfoSec work. For some in InfoSec Python is their first and only programming language they've ever used. This of course leads to campism/tribalism/flame-wars and anti-Ruby FUD.

Most of the anti-Ruby FUD stems from people not understanding Ruby or it's tooling, misinformation/misconceptions that keep being repeated, or people just not liking any other programming language besides their own personal favorite. Thus, I figured outreach, education, and maybe a bit of marketing is what Ruby in the InfoSec space needs.

@postmodern I'd like to fight a different war, that being that "open" communities on discord are trash and not to be supported. No one should participate in this without being on an open standardized platform.
@postmodern Hopefully no one else will either, good luck with your failed chat platform and failed language.

Go Rust! :)

@moparisthebest multiple people have joined so far.

Just curious what your suggestion is for what a FOSS decentralized chat server alternative to Discord would be?

@postmodern It doesn't necessarily need to be decentralized, but having an open protocol is critical.

XMPP, IRC, and Matrix are some options.
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