Boss: “Good job on the Lansky report!”

Me: “Thank you, I do my best”

Boss: “You'll go far’re very...TALONTED”

Me: “...hahaHAHAHAHAHA...THIS guy!”

I wrote about using an action in 1Writer to send the current file to a Git repo via Working Copy on iOS: Useful if you blog with Jekyll!

Lovely talk by @tekin about the benefits of investing time in keeping a clean and useful history, particularly the tips at the end.

Thank you to @esparta, @wildebeest3e and @baweaver for taking the time to answer my question about the benefits of pattern matching :) I'm still going through all the links but have a much better grasp of it already!

Does anyone have any recommendations for better understanding pattern matching? I don't understand why it's valuable but see smart people talking about it.

Hi everyone :) I'm a lawyer by day who hacks on projects (primarily in Ruby) in my spare time. I'm currently working on a plugin for Jekyll that generates photo galleries. I'm developing it in the open ( and am looking forward to getting it to an alpha stage soon!

When I've got code that outputs what I want, I'm often tempted to skip writing tests. Invariably, after forcing myself to write some, I'll discover an edge case that doesn't perform as expected and be reminded anew that this is why I'm writing them.

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