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Hey, y'all! I'm a ruby dev since 2013, working with RoR on my day job and also some side-stuff, including @crossposter which is more directly related to Mastodon.

From Brazil, currently based in Belgium.

Glad to see a Ruby community in Mastodon, since it's an open source RoR project 😄

A gem goes unmaintained, each group using it starts making their own patched version to fix one or another issue, you included. Now you want to update to a more recent version that the original dev released.

In an ideal world you would have tests for all the small things changes, to make sure stuff still works. Not my case.

Ouf, this is going to take a while.

Ruby 2.6 was released yesterday and all the native implementations to Fiber were merged.

RubyGems 3 released!

looks like Ruby 2.6 on Christmas is landing with RubyGems 3 and Bundler 2


Hey! I'm looking for Ruby-related blogs to follow. The ones I found on are pretty outdated or even not existing anymore. Thanks

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This is tonight, come watch me stumble over my words if you're about in London and interested in ruby code stuffs

If you're in Brussels and wants to meet some friendly rubyists, tomorrow there's an event called "ruby burgers", organized by the ruby Belgium association :)

RT Announcing Ruby Me, an apprenticeship program from Ruby Together. Mentors and early-career developers get *paid* to work on open source Ruby projects. Details and signup forms for apprentices and mentors here:


I don't know if we have more Belgium rubyists around here, but in case there are:
RT Lot’s of spots left for tonight in Brussels


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