Has anyone played with Crystal lang's Lucky? It looks interesting and the little I've played around with Crystal was very nice, has a very ruby-like feel :)

UX idea: if you select a bunch of files/emails/etc to delete and you get an “Are you sure you want to delete these?” confirmation, the more you’re trying to delete the bigger the dialogue box is. Like, “HOLY SHIT DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE 5957 EMAILS OMG‽”

@RubyGoddess As far as I know, there's no packed gem for it. Mastodon is a codebase you can try to get into, I think most of the activitypub stuff is in an activitypub namespace, but other than that, it's a bit messy 😓

Is there any implementation of activitypub in ?

Rails 6.0.1 was released a few days back: weblog.rubyonrails.org/2019/11

What version are you running for your main project? (please reply if you're not using Rails, that's interesting too!)

Hey folks! Tomorrow starts the 18th edition of Pink Screens festival ( @PinkScreens ), it's a queer film festivals that happens in brussels!
There's lots of good movies and this year there are two focus: Resistance and Prisons.

If you are interested, you can check out the programme over at pinkscreens.org/en

I'll be there helping most of the days, hit me up if you stop by! :)

#QueerCinema #PinkScreens #QueerFilm #QueerFilmFestival #QueerFilmFest #brussels #bruxelles #brussel #queer

@diegotoral It's unmaintained though, I've been checking to see if someone picks up, because it's really useful :)
Haven't used dredd, will check it out :)

@diegotoral I've used APIvore for tests against swagger docs in rails, or rack testing of the requests with pure sinatra apps


Pourquoi est-il préférable d'utiliser des verbes d'action sur les boutons plutôt que "Oui", "Non, "Ok" ?

Lorsque les utilisateurs lisent un verbe d'action, ils savent ce que le bouton fera. Ils peuvent agir sans lire aucun texte de support tel qu'un dialogue de confirmation.

La preuve en image, avec un bloc de texte explicatif caché, l'action reste claire avec des verbes d'action

.@AppTweak@twitter.com is growing 🚀 We are looking for an amazing Full-Stack Developer to join our team! Are you this person?
Check out our job offer and feel free to reach us!


@claromes O repo do mastodon usa uma ferramenta pra tradução no geral, o Crowdin, mas acho que ainda rola de ir direto no repo tb :)

Anyone here use a gem/engine to integrate with Stripe billing? I used `payola-payments` in the past, but it's not been updated for a long time.

Hey, folks! My company is looking for someone to come work with test automation, QA and the likes! We're based in Brussels and there's no option for remote, unfortunately!
If it interests you, check it out over here:

#job #jobs #emploi #jeRecrute #brussels #bruxelles

Renewed the ruby.social domain. Has it been a year already? 🎂 :ruby:


class Thing
def self.foo

... does not do what you would like it to do.

Hey, folks! My company is looking for devs and QAs :D
We use Ruby!

RT @AppTweak@twitter.com

🙌🏼 We're hiring! We're currently looking for a full-stack dev and a QA engineer 🤓 Check out our open positions here!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AppTweak/status/11

Ruby tip:

class Foo
def self.value
@value ||= defined?(super) ? super : DEFAULT_VALUE

this will turn Foo.value into a value you can configure per class (with a default), and you'll automatically inherit the superclass' value

RT @mudge@twitter.com

I’ve written up a comprehensive overview of the new function composition operators introduced in Ruby 2.6: “A Guide to Function Composition in Ruby”, ghostcassette.com/function-com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mudge/status/11261

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