Lately I've found myself writing proper documentation for projects, even if it's just a solo side project. I've found that a comprehensive, up-to-date README is invaluable when returning to a project after a few months doing other things. It's also been invaluable if a second developer ever works on the code.

Some of the code I'm working on sets configuration variables by setting ENV['whatever'] as the value, then referencing Rails.configuration.whatever in the code. I can't see the difference between this and just referencing ENV['whatever'] directly in the code. Is there an advantage I'm missing, os it it just personal style?

PEBKAC: problem exists between kubernetes and container

Hi all! I'm a mid-to-senior dev doing short-term contracts in London. I do back-end Ruby dev work professionally and in my spare time I like to tinker with niche nonsense.

I'm trying to learn React (+Native) and Elixir for some personal project ideas.

Currently also reading and loving POODR, one page at a time.

Aside from coding I love gardening, cooking and riding my bike. My guilty pleasure is pro wrestling. Nice to meet you all!

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