And most of all, what is up with those error messages? The same error can be thrown for 10+ different reasons

So much bureocracy, and such bad docummentation.

Why is integration with google services always such a pain?

A day may come when I will not be stressed about huge data migrations
But today is not this day

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I have had Sundays where I was excited about going into work the next day.

This is not one of them.

Wrote my first rails app in 2 years this weekend. Feels good, but my minitest skills sure are a bit rusty!

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Rubyists, we’re putting together Thailand’s first RubyConf. Please spread the word, CfP to open soon.
It's up!

Hi all, my name is Rodrigo and I've been developing with Ruby for 4 years now.
Lately I've been using Hanami at work and in some personal projects, but I really want to get back to develop some stuff with Rails again.

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