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I am struggling to become a Ruby, JS developer later in life. It's been harder than I thought to rearrange my life to make room for this change. Any one out there have any tips? I'd love to find a solid mentor.

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Some clarification re “GitHub moving off Ruby/Rails” FUD (in case you’ve seen it somewhere and freaked out a bit)

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Funding just fell through :( anyone need a Junior Rails Developer?

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"Ok, let's fix this issue"

[realizes how ugly the code will be]

"I'm gonna need some dank beats to get through this one"

[puts on headphones]

#hacking #compsci

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Hi! I've been in the Ruby community since '08 or so. It's my go-to language largely because the community is great and the available libraries are solid.

I've been one of the leaders of the Portland Ruby Brigade for 5+ years, though other people tend to do the hard work.

I've spoken at local, regional and national Ruby conferences, including RubyConf on the (now defunct 😢 Ruby implementation MagLev) though it's been a few years.

I'd love to connect w/more Rubyists, say hi!

@jc00ke Hey, I am from Kathmandu.

Did you volunteer to build that hospital?

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Fair warning - I've used affiliate links

I wanted a copy of Checks Pattern Language that wasn't just the web version originally and the other books popped in the feed

Namaste from Nepal!

Full stack RoR dev.

<3 Ruby, <3 Rails.

@fjfish I too love reading hard-copies over soft-copies. What books did you buy btw? I got hold of 3 books related to patterns recently but haven't had chance to go over them. The books that I got were: Design patterns(by the gangs of four), Design patters in Ruby, and The Rails 5 way.

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