JavaScript is Java without the types so TypeScript is Java.

Ruby devs, come join the free EMEA on Rails conference in an hour 😄 @lrug will be joining too for the London Rubyists

Arg I accidentally cast a UUID to an int, no wonder the record wasn’t found. That was a pain to debug.

I’m looking to buy a good ergonomic office chair with headrest. All the top 10s say to buy a Herman Miller / Steelcase / Humanscale for >£1000 or random cheap crap from Amazon. Any actually good brands ~£500? Any experiences with the expensive ones?

Code reviews are like reading a good book, except it’s a bad book and you’re only given 30 snippets in a random order. And sometimes the author explains themselves in the margin.

"A barefoot hiker told me once that the reason we’re drawn to screens is that we’re looking for fire."

wanted to make a post about "what if Kraftwerks Autobahn but about trains" but then I remembered they actually made that
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We’re hiring for a senior Rails dev at eola! Are you interested? Do you know anyone who might be interested? ❤️💼

some evidence that we may be living in a simulation

- particles sometimes behave like waves
- quantum physics and classical physics use different engines
- photon rest mass is undefined
- all the electrons are just references to a single instance
- timer starts to lag at relativistic speeds
- 80% invisible matter added in order to make galaxies spin correctly
- space-time must keep expanding in order for the universe not to collapse, could cause problems later but works for now

Before I eBay it does anyone want my Ergodox EZ? Kailh Speed Silver linear switches, wing wrist rests, tilt/tent kit. Great condition, cleaned, original packaging & accessories.
£300 new, auctions for £200+, I’ll sell direct for ~£150

just over a year later we now have a sequel to the large boulder the size of a small boulder

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