This company has A3 framed customer profiles on the wall… and they’re all identical! They have different names, pictures and quotes, but the actual breakdowns of age, gender, buying habits, etc is identical. How do you not notice, and then frame that? 😬

Going to London Ruby Unconference . I think I’ll host a session on SQL views.

😲 the Java updater just recommended I uninstall Java! And I did!

Though the updater looks like such spam I could well have inadvertently installed a trojan but whatever.

It is known that US cell companies sell your current location to “trusted partners” who in turn sell it to spammers. I believe the same happens in the UK because as soon as I go up north I get spam calls from northern numbers. Back south? London numbers.

If anyone needed motivation for joining this friendly webmasters forum, you’ll be able to vote for my _amazing_ 3x5LOC entry “Excuseme”

Refactoring half way through a refactor. This will be easy and fun!

Aww sent me socks and a bottle for some reason, so nice. Reminds me you can get a free share w my link if you want to try fee free investing. (Please don’t gamble more money than you’re comfortable with though)

Wow. I submitted a request for access to a large company’s API and they’ve gotten back to me a whole year later (with no).

Any mid/senior Ruby devs looking for a nice job? My company eola is hiring and it’s the 2nd time I’ve worked with the CTO so I vouch 💖

This, THIS is why I signed up to a modern web-developer community. To share pictures of our very first terrible but adorable websites

What’s a good learning rate? How many hidden layers should your network have? Is dropout actually useful? Why are your gradients vanishing?

Check this awesome guide by to help you gain some intuition around Neural Networks.

Ooh a new version of Inkscape that doesn’t use X11 on macOS! I’ll always have a soft spot for Inkscape and still use it for the odd thing.

It’s a lovely morning in the open plan workspace, and you are a horrible developer.

To-do list:

- Force push to master from a colleague's machine.
- Drop all the coffee cups in the river.
- Take part in another team's stand up.

So, for my site’s typography, I’ve determined I need a pure CSS sine function… I found this

OH: “The timeouts were caused by one of the API calls pointing in the wrong direction.”
“Was it in your bitcoin mining component?”


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