“Don’t be intimidated by this config file, it’s actually quite simple.”
It isn’t and I am.

Started implementing an old game idea in Lua via LÖVE and my god Lua is such a nice, simple, fast language. 100LOC and I have resolution independent graphics, input handling, asset loading, and hot code reloading setup for desktop AND mobile! love2d.org

I’m not seeing any MMORPG quilting games

Fixing a deployment compilation issue is kinda like riding a fire engine made of tortoises.

The web inspector (in all browsers) doesn’t seem to handle 5MB of text very well. But how else am I meant to test running out of localStorage?

holding a banana while having a meeting is a power play

UX idea: if you select a bunch of files/emails/etc to delete and you get an “Are you sure you want to delete these?” confirmation, the more you’re trying to delete the bigger the dialogue box is. Like, “HOLY SHIT DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DELETE 5957 EMAILS OMG‽”

Yay, proud I spotted a bug in a colleague’s regex at a glance 😁 Maybe I’ve been doing too much regex…

In Ruby methods can be called whatever you want, though you might not be able to define or call them using the usual syntax.

define_method(">.<") do

send ">.<"
# => "meow!"

Just wrote the beginnings of a lexer/parser for a toy programming language I’m designing. Only came to 50 LOC as I kept the syntax crazy simple :)

I think LISP is the answer I’m just not sure what the question was

My designer colleague @jaicab_ made me the most amazing birthday card 😂💙 The team has never looked so fly 💍🦔💨

Somehow helpdesk at my old university replied to a ticket but swapped the staff member’s email for mine. Uni email VS personal, different names, no idea what they did.

I replied pointing out their mistake… “We're sorry, your e-mail address is not authorized to update ticket”

You can also check whether a method has been overridden, but you have to be wary of modules.

method(:foo).owner == self.class

In Ruby you can call a parent class’s method from another method in a child:

class Parent
def foo

class Child < Parent
def foo

def bar
).bind(self).call - foo
# == -1

I’ve wanted to try writing assembly for a while, this was a pretty low barrier to entry way. I might also try writing some code for Arduino in assembly as Atmel chips have a nice limited instruction set

Wrote my first bit of assembly (a simple factorial function) in this online assembly simulator. Interesting, fiddly. schweigi.github.io/assembler-s

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