TFW the icon designer is too young to ever have actually seen the object they're basing the icon on


The most beautiful vintage PCB I've ever seen. No idea what it's for or where it's from...


I’ve found some code that only works when minified 😡

I wondered if animated QR codes for data transfer were a thing, and it seems someone tried it. Topped out at 9KBps whereas simple IrDA can achieve up to 4Mbps, but still cool

When debugging firmware I pray for printf(); but often have only while(1); #0xEBFE

The Diátaxis framework aims to be a simple, comprehensive and nearly universally-applicable documentation system. More about it here! 👇

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The moral of this story is if the Python people don’t bother optimising an algorithm then it’s probably not worth optimising.

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Tried finding a non-recursive version of an algorithm. After hours searching I found one written in golfed C on a Chinese site. And it was missing a chunk. So I searched lines of code until I found the rest on another Chinese site. Finally got it running and… it didn’t work 🙃

Gosh I hate the awful UX of Kicad. I realise it’s familiar to Eagle users but that’s like saying torture is familiar to people who have been tortured.

What an enraging, moving, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring article about leaded gasoline — and the man who fought for half of his life to ban it (and succeeded)

There will never be enough monuments named after Clair Patterson.

"ln England, 'booster shot' is spelled 'borchestershire shot' "

(stolen from someone who stole it)

Thinking of turning off Postgres JIT globally. One application query takes 200ms JIT off, but JIT on it goes up to 4s. A stats query takes 4mins off, 5mins on. Seems like there are too many cases where it’ll slow things down a lot, VS small potential speedups elsewhere.

Just heard a Rails monolith called a monorail and I absolutely love that! 💎🚝

I’ve used SQL window functions a few times recently which is more times than I ever expected to use them and not even too mind bending

Was just chatting with my neighbor about how she used to be able to read hex dumps of fortran and cobol programs "as easy as reading a punch card"

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