In Ruby methods can be called whatever you want, though you might not be able to define or call them using the usual syntax.

define_method(">.<") do

send ">.<"
# => "meow!"

Just wrote the beginnings of a lexer/parser for a toy programming language I’m designing. Only came to 50 LOC as I kept the syntax crazy simple :)

I think LISP is the answer I’m just not sure what the question was

My designer colleague @jaicab_ made me the most amazing birthday card 😂💙 The team has never looked so fly 💍🦔💨

Somehow helpdesk at my old university replied to a ticket but swapped the staff member’s email for mine. Uni email VS personal, different names, no idea what they did.

I replied pointing out their mistake… “We're sorry, your e-mail address is not authorized to update ticket”

You can also check whether a method has been overridden, but you have to be wary of modules.

method(:foo).owner == self.class

In Ruby you can call a parent class’s method from another method in a child:

class Parent
def foo

class Child < Parent
def foo

def bar
).bind(self).call - foo
# == -1

I’ve wanted to try writing assembly for a while, this was a pretty low barrier to entry way. I might also try writing some code for Arduino in assembly as Atmel chips have a nice limited instruction set

Wrote my first bit of assembly (a simple factorial function) in this online assembly simulator. Interesting, fiddly.

I love this typo; "maintainted" is currently my favorite word.

When writing tests for your regular expressions, don't just check if it matches what it is supposed to match, but also make sure it doesn't match anything else. Please.

You know how “AI” is often just a bunch of if statements? Well what if you used AI to generate the if statements? 🤔🤔🤔

Does any Rails dev use Webpacker and have .browserslistrc working to add core-js polyfills?

I’m convinced it’s entirely broken or I’ve missed something obvious.

Hmm I have now read the entirety of ELOQUENT JAVASCRIPT and yet my Javascript is not Eloquent

I’m working with an e-ink screen that requires BMP images in a very particular format — which I worked out with Imagemagick last year — but I stupidly didn’t write down the command. Now it’s not working and the difference between good and bad files appears to be just 48 bytes 😐

This company has A3 framed customer profiles on the wall… and they’re all identical! They have different names, pictures and quotes, but the actual breakdowns of age, gender, buying habits, etc is identical. How do you not notice, and then frame that? 😬

Going to London Ruby Unconference . I think I’ll host a session on SQL views.

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