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some evidence that we may be living in a simulation

- particles sometimes behave like waves
- quantum physics and classical physics use different engines
- photon rest mass is undefined
- all the electrons are just references to a single instance
- timer starts to lag at relativistic speeds
- 80% invisible matter added in order to make galaxies spin correctly
- space-time must keep expanding in order for the universe not to collapse, could cause problems later but works for now

Before I eBay it does anyone want my Ergodox EZ? Kailh Speed Silver linear switches, wing wrist rests, tilt/tent kit. Great condition, cleaned, original packaging & accessories.
£300 new, auctions for £200+, I’ll sell direct for ~£150

just over a year later we now have a sequel to the large boulder the size of a small boulder

Turns out that Google Chrome installs Keystone, which is basically malware, and makes negatively affects performance *even when Chrome isn’t running*.


Does a GitHub PR affect the file size of `.git` before it’s merged? AKA if you opened a PR on some open source project and put a massive binary in it, would that make `git pull` really slow for everyone?

Is npm 99 bottles? It said I have 5 low severity vulnerabilities run npm audit fix --force so I ran npm audit fix --force now there’s 8 vulnerabilities (4 low, 4 high), take 1 down and pass it around, npm audit fix --force 5 low severity vulnerabilities on the wall!

But why is he an egg? Are all business people eggs? Was this written by an egg? Why is the typography so bad?

Anyone know how to prevent Heroku from timing out during deploy build (not boot)? We’re trying to deploy a Docker container app using heroku.yml and it times out 15 minutes into the build. @heroku @HerokuDevCenter

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