Finished soldering a core store kit. Weaving thin magnet wire through tiny ferrite toroids took forever. But now I can store 4 whole bytes with this modern reproduction of 50s memory technology!

"Download our app!"

"Punch the monkey and win a free iPod!"

This is the best programming book I have ever received.
Thanks @andycroll & @consonance_app! Thanks Why the Lucky Stiff! Thanks foxes!

I like to measure problem difficulties in browser tabs. This was a 50 tab problem.

A neural network trained on the widescreen HD Simpsons episodes used to upscale the SD Simpsons episodes

I’m making a command line todo list using this Ink thing which lets you write CLI apps using React but instead of rendering to the DOM it renders to text. It’s actually incredibly nice

The original Atreus was designed by @technomancy and I’ve used one for several years before making my own version. More info about his Atreus here

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Completed my first custom designed handwired keyboard which I call the AtreoidV. Inspired by the Atreus, I changed the bottom stagger to a straight V, used a stainless steel plate eliminating bezel, and added Bluetooth.

The Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(k)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)

100% handwired split keyboard with no plate, no PCB, no case. Held together by the carefully bent and soldered wires.

album at:
build log and previous boards:

Even better news, #bbcbasic is now free and open source:
"BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 (BBCSDL) is an advanced cross-platform implementation of BBC BASIC for Windows, Linux (x86 CPU only), Mac OS-X, #RaspberryPi (Raspbian), Android and iOS."

Richard T Russell helped specify BBC Basic back in the day, wrote the #z80 version for #Acorn, then later for #Sinclair and #Amstrad, and is still maintaining it.


@feoh @jirka

Anyone know about rectifier bridges and Zeners? I have a bridge working, but sticking a Zener after it results in way lower voltage than I expect. I think I have veeery low current so maybe some or all of the diodes are behaving strangely. Reverse leakage whatever that is?

running street fighter II on a video intercom we found in the trash. and yes, there's audio over the phone. and yes, that's a flatscreen crt. and of course we'll install it in the toilet. 😁

Measuring the speed of sound in a metal bar because that’s how this electric typewriter keyboard I have distinguishes key presses

@technomancy It’s done! Obviously inspired by your wonderful Atreus which has been my daily driver for years (I have a v2 coming too). Tweaks include straight bottom stagger, no bezel, and Bluetooth. Would you be ok with me calling it AtreusV to make the lineage clear? V is for the bottom shape.

Got another couple custom parts cut by @LaserBoost, this time in thick aluminium. I had a small special finishing request and they did it no problem, beautiful result. I’m looking for any excuse to make things in metal now 🙈

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