I love testing time related code visually. I needed to test a complex query that flattens time windows and booked times into contiguous "panes" with an overlap count. Wrote a test harness that generates tests from ASCII timelines - way easier to read than a bunch of date times.

WebRTC uses STP to describe connections which is one of the craziest hell syntaxes and in my tests trying to connect just 3 browsers it balloons to over 25KB which is too big for my Websocket. So I’m going to have to trial and error edit it and/or Gzip it. Ugh.

Wow developing something with WebRTC is a massive pain in the butt. In Safari you can use the Developer menu to loosen restrictions. But to test you need multiple browsers. And Chrome is a little bitch about HTTPS and CORS and all that stuff even on localhost. Finally working

Ah heck I’ve thought of a race condition. Screw it, I’ll sleep on it but I think I’ll have to do it the smarter way

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I’m designing and hacking together a weird mesh P2P protocol and already thinking of all the ways someone could deliberately bring it down. I think I’ll just do it the dumb way anyway for the prototype

Lots of parts sites don’t provide measurements, or they’re inaccurate. This seller shows pictures of the part being precisely measured! Perfect 😍

Are there any massive online (in browser) video chatrooms? Like 50+ simultaneous audio/video streams for online gatherings?

I thought I was doing CAD design for a keyboard, but I’ve actually drawn a stingray who just wants a hug ☺️

I hate flashy marketing sites for software that make you sign up for a pointless account just to download the software and only then do you find out it’s Windows only. Have a system requirements section!

Hence I’ll probably just hardwire. I’d love a PCB though.

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Tried to design a PCB and utterly failed

* Eagle is way too complicated & the free version is too limited.
* KiCad is almost as unintuitive as Eagle.
* LibrePCB looks powerful & intuitive but I can’t get it to work.
* Fritzing is beautifully simple but placement isn't precise.

I want to hand-wire a mech keyboard using an Adafruit Bluetooth Feather, but the QMK firmware support seems rarely used / possibly broken 😬

I’m thousands of changes into this rename and words have lost all meaning. Letters have lost all meaning. All I see are UTF-8 code points, and the UTF-8 code points stare back into my soul.

Our CEO pointed out that my blue hair will hide any greys caused by work stress 😂😅

Oof I have to make 168 database changes and ~4000 code changes to rename this god model. I’m updating my estimate to >2 days. Kill me

lol perfect justaposition of headline with browser warning

Renaming things in dynamic languages is just horrendous. Having to find and replace all the different cases and pluralisations especially in views where code is interspersed with text that shouldn’t be renamed.

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