Aww sent me socks and a bottle for some reason, so nice. Reminds me you can get a free share w my link if you want to try fee free investing. (Please don’t gamble more money than you’re comfortable with though)

Been working on my e-ink bedside clock again. It displays temperature now, and finally will be full forecast.

2 days ago HSBC notified me they were going to send a fraud alert (why not just send it). The alert asked if I spent 0.00 USD (wut) then that they’d call me (they did not). Now from a 3rd number in broken English they say it’s all fine. Wtf? HSBC’s own messages look like fraud.

“Hey Siri, pause.”
“I’m sorry, there are no timers on HomePod.”
What‽ No, but there is music playing; pause that!
I don’t know how Siri is built but sometimes the simplest of commands break repeatedly as if Dave has popped out a brain circuit.

Bought myself a steno keyboard. The lovely little Georgi by Pictured in front of / underneath my Ergodox Ez for scale.

I found a whiteboard discarded on the street; seemingly ruined by a child with a permanent marker. I restored it using isopropyl alcohol and a lot of cotton pads ☁️

Was given some cute stickers at, perfect for distinguishing my headphones from identical ones at the office

Well this is a bug in itself

Workiday trip to Cornwall with

John Wick 3 has inspired some UI design I’m doing (the cyan and magenta tones, not the litres of blood)

I love gnuplot so much! It’s the only software I found that can handle this much data in just a few seconds. This is how the price (pence) of 45,000 “things” changes (up or down) over a month. 1,000,000 data points.

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