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How many personal (in addition to work) projects can you meaningfully work on at once?

A brilliant way to visualize the difference between data, information, knowledge, insight, and wisdom. Discovered on David Perell Monday Musings!

Airbnb for Ansible. DoorDash for Docker. Pinterest for Puppet. Lyft for Lambda. Uber

I posted a minor complaint to the office that the tap water was luke warm because it goes through a stupid filter. Then mysteriously we had no water. Now we only have boiling water on tap 🤔

The serial API to drive it is weird, and I’m using Go (which I don’t know). There’s 1 don’t in 1 size. Can display BMPs from SD card. There are basic drawing primitives but can’t set line thickness. So the big numbers I draw with rectangles, & the degree symbol is several circles

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Been working on my e-ink bedside clock again. It displays temperature now, and finally will be full forecast.

Bought the cheapest reputable soldering station I could find and I love it! The joint that was previously impossible to solder flowed in literally a second. It’s also nice having a slightly more manoeuvrable iron.

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It seems near impossible to buy reputable bearings. 1 wore out on my 3D printer and I couldn’t find a single source of name brand bearings. I bought some anyway and they’re so noisy and rough I think they’re unusable. They were £8 each too 😠

Don’t worry, you can keep your curly brackets.

But how will I know when the lines end?

Well, the newlines.

I would rather replace ALL my code with semicolons than treat newlines as equal characters. Wishy-washy nothing codepoints. How can you trust that which you can’t see?

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Here, let me get rid of those semicolons for you. They’re not needed; you’ll type fewer keystrokes, less syntax clutter visually, and save ink when xeroxing your code.

No! I love my semis! They’re like little friends at the end of each line, guarding it, protecting it from LISP.

Every time I open a PR with more added code than removed I feel like I’ve failed.

One day I want to leave a job having net removed code only. Bonus points if I remove all the code.

It’s one thing after another with my 3D printer. Now one of the bearings has worn out and finding a reputable replacement is a complete gamble.

25w soldering irons are garbage, just doesn’t get hot enough! I can just about solder some parts but anything on the ground plane forget it; sucks all the heat away so the solder won’t melt. Gonna have to splash out on a solder station.

Did you know that #linux isn't electronic? It is mad of pipes, socks, files, handles, tar, even evil spirits called demons. There's only one electron, but it's big and slow!

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