@shotgun_surgery sure. dry-validation, dry-transaction, dry-initializer, dry-struct, dry-core, dry-monad, dry-cli... And I think that's it for me.

@shotgun_surgery sure. dry-validation is great. Nowadays I would use JSON Schema for data validation, though

That thing where you habitually ||= in a method that sets up a reference value and forgot you set it in the initialize method

That thing


I'd like to contribute to some open source Ruby project a few hours a week. Any you can think of?

3600 Argentine pesos equals approximately 45 US dollars, for the board only. Thank you, socialism.

Mongolia to restore traditional alphabet

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Back to work for me today, after the long weekend. I have a new, extra-noisy mechanical keyboard to make sure everyone in the house knows I'm coding. 😂

I like this idea of an . Here's mine.

I'm a software engineer who loves and books. I don't think there's a theme in my toots but if I were to fantasize I'd say that I write about the human side of being who I am in the industry where I ended up.

Everything is a story. No one understands the whole story yet I try and try then fall asleep and wake up and try again. There's no Story, just stories.

Introducing Ralix - A JavaScript micro-framework for building and organizing Rails front-end code, in the spirit of Stimulus.


DragonRuby is sponsoring and is giving away free licenses to Game Toolkit. The hackathon starts in 5 days.

It's not an unhealthy "stay up all night" type of hackathon and you'll have almost two weeks to build your game. Please boost! jamcraft.dragonruby.org

I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather not read books on a specific technology. They get out of date alarmingly quickly, and if the technology is hot then Pluralsight or similar will have a cool course about it anyway, that I can focus on with better results. Better read timeless classics like the late W. Richard Stevens wrote.

💎🕸 Announcing `wasmer`, the Ruby library to run WebAssembly binaries 🎉 📢.


It's fast. It's stable. It's fun.

$ gem install wasmer

Share the love!

#ruby #webassembly

@shotgun_surgery It's been on my "things to learn when I get the time" list for a while now. So following this convo in hopes of info.

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