💎🕸 Announcing `wasmer`, the Ruby library to run WebAssembly binaries 🎉 📢.


It's fast. It's stable. It's fun.

$ gem install wasmer

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#ruby #webassembly

@shotgun_surgery It's been on my "things to learn when I get the time" list for a while now. So following this convo in hopes of info.

Hi folks! This is Matias from Corrientes, Argentina. I am an Hands-on troubleshooter, Software Craftsmanship, Tech entrepreneur; it depends on who you ask. I am passionate with almost infinite curiosity. I founded and failed some startups and one non-profit organization. Now I'm interest in remote work with agile practices and modern web technologies. I like drink "Mate".

Have you used , ? I'd like to hear of your experience. Why did you choose it over ? (Or why would you).

Has anyone used ? What advantages did you find in it?

Very exciting news about closer cooperation between Hanami, Rom and Dry-rb from

Newer version Rails-Pretty-Logger gem has been released, you can track your logs from webpage, filter by date and also can easily find your highlighted logs. This version I also added hourly rotation option.


I wouldn't think I would ever say this, but right now I have a parsing problem where COBOL would be the perfect solution.

(of course, the reason is that the file format is designed for COBOL, but still)

Hi from Hong Kong!

I'm an Argentine Ruby coder. I professionally used it (along with Watir/Capybara, Cucumber, RSpec and friends) for around 6 years to write automated end-to-end tests to be run on applications implemented in different languages.

Few years ago I started looking into Rack, Sinatra, Rails and Cuba. Now I'm using it to develop applications on my own for clients and building my own business.

I hope we can exchange experiences, knowledge and the Ruby culture!

Hi all! Glad to join to share the joy of coding in Ruby!!!


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