So I switched over to using my own server at So if you like following me please think about following me over there.

@Gargron This is going to sound like an odd question, but how do I turn off all the forced ssl in mastodon? I'm asking because I'm trying to set it up on a machine whose SSL is handled via a proxy on another machine.

git snark 

Everyone knows that git is great for gatekeeping

But did you know you can use it for version control as well?

Trying to decide if I should setup my own instance of mastodon before I start working my way through the code looking for things I can help with.

I quit using Facebook because I got tired of seeing all the false things relatives where sharing. Made it hard not to think how much of an idiot they are when at family get together s. Better to not know about it.

Hey ex-Tumblr/witchy side of the Fediverse, does anyone recognise this style of sigil? A Tumblr user made a bunch of these really digital-looking square style sigils, including this "Finish what you start" one. It's lived on my wall for years and I'd love to find the artist and ask permission to get it tattooed.
#sigils #sigil #witch

Why must Nessus's API have a nice json interface but return the policy data in xml... painful... painful...

Talk on the #IndieWeb and #Fediverse went okay last night! Planning to make a re-cap blog post about it. I have my slides available here but my talks are very conversational:

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Drinking while irritated is not a good combination.

I need a programming language that is like ruby syntactically, compiles to a single binary like go and performs like C. Can some language designer get right on that for me?

Why when asking for help with stress do people recommend getting more organized? Organizing stuff stresses me out.

Hey folks — recommending my bud @jaredmoody for a follow…he's a Ruby developer and all-around nice guy and is new to #Mastodon so let's give him a hearty hello!

Does anyone know if Minecraft windows 10 edition will run in wine? It's only thing making me keep my windows partition right now.

Ruby snippet to print a line of code and its result:

def debug(&block)
puts block.source.strip
result =
puts "# => #{result}"

debug { 1 + 2 }

Sometimes you're in a choir and you're a bass. Oh right, not the vocal type, I mean the fish.

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