Anyone have any recommendations for a managed DNS service?

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"This book is for anyone who has little to no knowledge about databases or SQL and would like to become an expert in it."

I've heard less hype from crypto shills!

New theme on the blog (also procrastinating actual work):

Decided to go with 'Solving Business Problems Using SQL'; or as they should've called it:

SOLVE business_problems
USING sql;

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Any reading recommends for database design and/or administration?

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I was returning array of arrays from my queries but now I return array of hashes so that way I can specify the elements by their column names in the table. Then I used the AS thing in SQL to rename said columns to something that made more sense for readability in the template. I think SQL is finally starting to feel like 😏 to me rather than 😩

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I was about to post something daft like 'I think once I get comfortable with SQL I won't even use an ORM anymore!' but then I remembered I haven't even attempted a JOIN like this so nvm, I'm not even going to post this post.

I got a pool full of data
If I drown, don't save me

omg ok Google

You don't get superuser for your safety but oh btw any and all accounts you create we're gunna default to a special snowflake superuser group that is essentially superuser but with a different name so none of the documentation you have will make any sense LOL

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Anyone happen to know why I'd be able to connect to a given database as a given user (and even drop tables) despite doing REVOKE ALL _and_ REVOKE CONNECT for this user?


No workie:

@zeitwerke I’m forcing myself to try to do this all without ORM cuz like, at some point i have to actually learn SQL 😬

Thinkin about my tables…



There will be joins!

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