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"Autumn Colour" - digital painting in Adobe Fresco, playing with the Live watercolour brushes, layers.

Sacha Baron Cohen used a metaphor involving a restaurant owner and neo-Nazis to tear into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s championing of freedom of expression on the platform.

TFW: your family posts memes about supporting LGBTQ and follows them up by posting pics of them visiting Chik-fil-hate, S. Army bell ringing, and a host of other anti-LGBTQ fuckery.

cannot look at other people's selfies, knowing i will never be attractive to anyone

Anyone remembering the Logitech iFeel Mouse?

It's a mouse from the early 2000s and featured integrated haptic/force feedback using vibrations.

It sounds silly, but it gave UI controls like buttons, window-borders or links a tactile feedback and a texture you could feel when hovering over them with the cursor.

Frankly it was quite amazing and I really wish it would have caught on.

Wondering if someone can explain why the entire page shifts slightly to the left when I mouse over an image in the time line? It's sorta weird...

Doing some straight-up ruby ActiveModel coding for a change. Feels good.

so amazing to log in to my home timeline full of @gretathunberg . welcome!

There has been quite something going on in the React community. My interpretation: you cannot ignore politics in your community. For some people, these "politics" are a life-or-death issue, so by ignoring these topics you actively exclude them and invite toxic people instead.

hi, I'm new here. how do i get more on my home feed? it hasn't updated more than once

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