I hatched a shiny Eevee with its hidden ability and 5 perfect IVs. So stoked! t.co/vfuzQVmKWS

My pace is recovering, with my fastest Tuesday in a month. I still need to kick it up a notch but it’s going to take some time and I still need to get some new shoes. As much as I love my Altras my ankles feel like… t.co/AYtEqG9ylg

This is my first run in four days. I had to skip my long run this weekend due to feeling a little ill. I’m trying really hard to not beat myself up for skipping a long run (the first in a LONG time), and I’m sure my… t.co/oqxSSiEIK7

My pace has been a bit slower for me lately, due to feeling tired and achy. I need to up my stretching game, maybe try some new shoes, and be mindful of over-training. But most of all, I need to make sure I don’t… t.co/KcoIUBhKPO

Saturday we did something different and tried out iFly. It was crazy fun! Mason really got into it and is already begging to go back.
@ iFLY t.co/IuYOe9QRpU

Winter break is over, so it’s time to get back into a normal routine. This was a welcome 5-mile run after starting the week on the treadmill and being windblown at the lake yesterday. And I _had_ to represent today… t.co/BDF3zj5vkR

2009: I was a mess, both physically and mentally. 2019: Fit, healthy, and happy. In this decade Mason was born, and so I found something to really live for instead of just coasting. t.co/lDfrhzTYVX

My year in running: 1829.4 miles! That’s a ton of training, and two full marathons, 15k/12-mile/10k/5k races. In 2020 I want to shoot for 2,000 miles. Let’s do this!

The first 5-star raid I hosted tonight ended up with a shiny Magikarp. I ended up catching it with nearly perfect IV’s and its hidden ability! t.co/D5q6PSkiyc

Disney needs to do a live-action, big-budget remake of The Black Cauldron. Can you imagine if it got the @Jon_Favreau treatment?

Even on Christmas Eve it’s 10-Mile Tuesday. The lake was dead but the weather was too gorgeous to pass up a solid run.
That white blip in the sky is Venus, by the way.

Today was the Merry Mitchmas 5k/10k. I had a blast and ran it with an average pace of 8:20. I felt pretty good but with the fog and stuff the trail was a little slippery. I was so afraid of slipping! This is the… t.co/078t7Ht3pT

This is me running around the trails at Lake Hefner. 😂 t.co/N8RW4zTLLP

I was pretty tired for this run. My brain was yelling for rest, but with my company’s Christmas party tomorrow I really needed to run today. So I pushed through and feel pretty good now. My Garmin says I’m still in… t.co/niqBNe4rfH

I sometimes think that if I had discovered fitness in my early 20’s, I might have tried my hand at professional wrestling. I’d love to moonsault off the top ropes into someone.

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