Register for before the price increase! Join me and Rock The Route! Use code 2019THEREALTIMGOURLEY to get $10 off.

This was a blast, even with the wind kicking us in the face more than the kickball.

I really hope they do another Thor movie, and I hope it is good. That way I can use the phrase, “more Thor 4, por favor!”

I am super excited to be included as a running ambassador for the Route 66 Marathon! It’s a fun race and quite the party. I can’t wait to again this year. @route66marathon

Oh man this is very sad. We're seeing the destruction of so much history. :(

I REALLY WISH I could ignore people's insensitive comments when it comes to food, but my insecurities, body dysmorphia, and fear of failure always come flooding back. It's a continual struggle maintaining my weight loss. It's not easy.

I'm diving into blogging about Swift and iOS development as I start using/learning it. It's a great way to boost my own knowledge and share with the world.

There’s not much worse than sneezing while you pee.

That Wobbuffet terrarium would look great on my desk at work. Just saying.

I feel like I need popcorn for Triple H’s intro. 🍿

Thuganomics John Cena versus Elias? So much for him stepping in to fight Kurt Angle instead of Corbin.

As much as I love Sasha and Bayley, part of me REAAALLLY wants to see the Iiconics win the Women's Tag Team Title. They're so much fun.

I’ve never cheered for The Miz more. This match with him vs. Shane is pretty epic.

Lori: what kind of material would you say Aleister Black’s jacket is?
Me: Organic?

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