15-Mile long run in temperatures just at freezing with a North wind around 11mph. Parts of the run were not much fun at all and I really had to focus to keep going. This week was full of… t.co/VaLk7KVVnz

People don't realize that even after keeping weight off for two years that it is still a constant daily struggle. Little offhand comments or jokes with no ill intent can be taken as cruel and hurtful. Please be mindful of those around you. You don't know the struggles of others.

I think part of becoming a developer is adopting an allergy to lights. I don't understand this myself. I'd much rather see my surroundings than become like Gollum.

I ran the Frozen Nose 5k today along the river in Downtown OKC with nearly 600 other people. I took it easy but still did pretty decent, finishing in 25 minutes and change. I’ve had a lot… t.co/gvji1l93jD

Today was the Greenleaf Trail Run in Braggs, OK. I did the 12-mile distance and it was a lot of fun, but much more technical than any trail work I have done before. I finished 13 overall… t.co/XmVUAhh5rx

I just washed an unopened Gu packet with my clothes. I still plan on using it.

I’m at home on a Saturday night looking at kilts online and I’m not even drinking yet.

Today the temps were below freezing but there was a fortunate lack of wind. So my run was super enjoyable! My hydration and nutrition game was on point, too, so I ended the run feeling… t.co/QNeMZzsO0r

30°F with sustained winds at ~25mph and a super light snow. It doesn’t matter; I still got my 10-mile Tuesday in. If I can’t suffer through crap weather I won’t be able to suffer through… t.co/YmFo3FwGzY

It was cold and incredibly windy today for my long run. Gusts in the upper 20mph range it felt. But it was much better conditions compared to the forecast for tomorrow! Also listening to… t.co/ZXITfKN3Hf

So... I *don’t* have a choice? This was from my Subaru Forester today. @ Moore, Oklahoma t.co/eM7Cxns2cV

What I learned from @runcamille today: the keys to running are bacon, beer, shoes, and massages.

I did my typical long run this week, but with snow falling last night half the trail was covered in snow and slush when I ran. I ended up with a slower pace to keep from falling on my… t.co/w7FHKckQr7

Mean Gene was the voice of my childhood; he will be greatly missed. t.co/64Xe9lLDWM

I’m such a slacker; I haven’t run since last year!

My last run of 2018, 5 miles up and down the Oklahoma City River. It gave me time to reflect on a lot of my accomplishments for the year. Here is hoping 2019 is even… t.co/cV30rXQaMU

Goals for 2019:
- Run more trail races
- Run an (actual) ultra
- Finish my book
- Deploy some apps with Elixir/OTP and Phoenix using Docker
- Get an actual mobile app going
- Play all the Pokemon

So my wife lgourley thought my @jeffhardybrand shirt would be better with googly eyes. t.co/NgpFyYSbWd

I'm sitting down to learn some @elixirlang and have that same feeling of happiness I did when first starting Ruby eons ago. I need to go back in time and tell myself to pick it up sooner.

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