I'm inches away from buying a bass ukulele. I feel like I *need* one.

I've been typing "githug" all day instead of "github". I think it's saying something about my emotional needs.

Cross-training today with beatsaber on the while my parakeets sing along in the background. t.co/TpfJT8xp72

.@PeytonRoyceWWE and @BillieKayWWE — The — are awesome. They’re like Jessie from Team Rocket and Naga the Serpent from Slayers kicking tail in the ring.

According to my Garmin watch, I just burned 254 calories playing through all the Imagine Dragon songs on @BeatSaber. This game is soooooo much fun.

10-miles today on the beach for Global Running Day. Even on vacation, even when it is raining and there are red flag 🚩 warnings. Even with flooded beaches, the water kissing the seawall and shoe-sucking sand. I… t.co/54q2LNiE0Q

It’s been raining all afternoon but we were rewarded with a DOUBLE RAINBOW! @ The Beach on North Padre Island t.co/nmQ4kB2y5P

And no, not together. They have separate emergency travel containers. 😂

It’s hard to explain to guinea pigs and a ball python that they’re going in the storm shelter to be safe.

PSA: Never have appliances delivered from @lowes if you want things delivered on time or actual communication from the store and drivers if things change. It’s a shit show.

Old Tim Gourley ate hot sauce
GI GI Woes
And then he ran an awful lot
GI GI Woes
With a Porta-John here
And a missing sock there
Here a John
Where's my sock?
Everywhere a brown spot
Old Tim Gourley ate hot sauce
GI GI Woes

10-Mile Tuesday today was back at Lake Hefner, the day after a large outbreak of tornadoes and tons and tons of rain. The lake was full and the winds were gusting in the 30mph range. It made for a difficult run, but… t.co/Myji66Pmqu

Sprouts really knows how to speak my foodie love language. @ Sprouts Farmers Market t.co/RUwOvLjhu9

Another long run complete as I keep my fitness going before training for the @route66marathon. Today I learned that geese can hiss when angry and protecting their young from scary runners. 😂

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