For whatever you strive to accomplish, find your excellence.

Pete and I ran the POOP Trail Run 1/2 Marathon today 💩 (Protect Our Oklahoma Parks). It was my longest trail run to date and it was tough. But I’m hooked! I wasn’t TOO much slower than my…

My razor slipped in my soapy hands this morning and I took a chunk of skin off my scalp. Yes, I scalped myself. That's how I know I'm off to a bad start today.

I just finished up a 10-mile Tuesday training run, hitting a nice PR and leaving nothing on the trail. Now it is time to kick my feet up and watch some wrestling.

This mission is a nail-biter. Kudos to @NASA for all their hard work, regardless of how things go.

Being an avid runner means I’ll never have to buy safety pins again in my life.

It’s been a goal of mine for a while to get a sub-25:00 5k. It’s not “fast” but fast for me, and I finally got it. Now I can shoot for a 20:00 5k long term.

I ran in the OKC Turkey Tracks 5k to make room for plenty of turkey. A big PR for me coming off the Route 66 Marathon. @ Oklahoma…

I designed and 3D-printed a stand for my Center of the Universe detour medallion from the @route66marathon. @ Phase 2

My welcome home after completing the @route66marathon. I have the best friends ever! @ Moore, Oklahoma

I did it! I completed the @route66marathon with the Center of the Universe detour, running 26.5 miles (the World’s Shortest Ultramarathon) and PR’ing my time!

Day 2 of the @route66marathon expo. I got to talk with running legend Bart Yasso and he even signed a book for me. @ Cox Business Center Tulsa

Lori and Mason ran the Route 66 5k and were awesome! @ Guthrie Green

Packet pickup for the @route66marathon this weekend! I ran into Mark Bravo and he remembered me from my Runner’s World article and from other races. I am such a fanboy,…

Snow runs are great. I had the trail to myself and was able to really connect with nature, escape from the bustle of real life, and thoroughly enjoy running. I learned how much you have…

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