This good boy really wants a cupcake. It’s hard to refuse this face, but he wouldn’t like the upset tummy that would follow. @ Moore, Oklahoma

I’d like to think that Jefferson and Hamilton had rap battles in real life.

Another 10-Mile Tuesday in the books. I think I’m getting used to the heat finally. I don’t feel completely dead after this run. 😂

Scooby thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to the park. He ended up walking 2 miles and even made friends with Lori’s parents’ and brother’s dogs Savannah and Luna. He is now fast asleep.

10-Mile Tuesday in 90°F weather. I slowed my pace a bit and brought plenty of water which let me run pretty solid without needing walking breaks.

We’re testing Scooby’s DNA to learn his breed makeup. The shelter had him listed as a “hound mix” and I can see the coonhound influences, but I also see a bit of lab and staffie terrier. We should know in a few…

It was a beautiful morning for a run around the lake! 14 miles done! I miss the flatness of Lake Hefner but you can’t beat the hill training for the @route66marathon by taking advantage of the trails at Draper.…

Hot hot hot! I’m slowly getting acclimated to summer again, although I wish it were still sub-80°F outside. Today I slowed my pace to have an easier run as the sun beat down on me. And I ran at a park with nearly…

This is Scooby, a hound mix we rescued via the OKC animal shelter. He’s super skittish right now but he’s adjusting. Hopefully he’ll be quite the adventure companion!

Hey Oklahomans out there, this is super important. Register. Vote.

May running miles: 138. It was less than I hoped for due to a few days of not getting to run for weather, a lack of races, and work business. June will hopefully be a better month for running!

Last week I was really disappointed because I hit the wall and bonked hard 12-miles into my 14-mile run. The humidity really got to me and I ended up lightheaded, dizzy, and had tunnel vision. This week I came back…

Man, what luck! A shiny, Gigantimax, modest Pikachu with Lightning Rod! Gotta love joining random raids.

Thanks to a busy day of work, virtual company meetings, and virtual school meetings, I decided to run this evening. Storms are moving in a little later so it is HUMID AF right now. But running in the evening is so…

There once was a man.
He was not from Nantucket.
Limericks are lame.

10-Mile Tuesday on a dreary, cool day. I can only describe the weather as, “moist”. But it was a pretty decent run and I had the lake trails almost to myself. It was a good time to reflect and jam out to some…

I think for my mental health, I absolutely need every King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard album on vinyl.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening for a run at the lake. The weather was perfect! More runs like this, please!

Sunday we decided to pitch our tent in the backyard and have a relaxing evening at home. @ Moore, Oklahoma

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