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Here it is: My "Sleep Drifter" Playlist, for @NaNoWriMo 2020 -

In less than a week, November 1st will be here, and with that, I will start my journey to complete @NaNoWriMo for the fourth time. Tonight I compile my playlist in preparation!

Just posted a photo @ Moore Central Park & The Station

Is anyone else doing @nanowrimo this year? I’m going for my fourth win, but my first real attempt in a decade. It’s time to write the novel that will get me published.

I am Jack's complex ball of emotional turmoil.

Rain. Wind. Colder temps. Fog rolling off the lake. Man it was a glorious change from the heat and humidity! I miss finishing up a run and actually feeling chilly. It was my fastest 10-Mile run in quite a while,…

A full-stack developer for IHOP probably has a completely different meaning.

It may make me an agent of chaos, but I tend to cheer for the Whammy.

Bill & Ted Face the Music was everything I hoped it would be. I loved it!

Running at the lake at night, it’s sometimes hard not to worry about imaginary lions, tigers, and bears.

Because Oklahoma is SO known for its lions and bears. 😂

Do you ever get so dehydrated after a run you start drinking straight from the shower head while you clean up? No? Yeah, that’d be weird? Totally.


It seems like it has been forever since my watch said this. I’ve gotten used to it lowkey making fun of me.

I forgot how much fun running at night can be.
It’s been so hot during the day and I absolutely hate waking up at Stupid O’Clock to run in the mornings, so I decided to juggle my schedule a bit and run as the sun…

It was the perfect morning for a run around the lake! I’ve been dealing with negativity due to my performance suffering through blistering heat and stifling humidity so this was a much welcome win. There were even a…

I ran 10 miles with the heat index right around 100°F. I’m cooked. I had to walk a little, but my ego isn’t worth heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. At least this puts me closer to getting back to my normal schedule…

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