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Aight, maybe I should do an toot.

I'm a software development student living in Denmark. Other than that, I advocate for online privacy & security, decentralization, data protection, human rights (especially the right to privacy).

I'm also a server admin (my home server and one with some public services), a Linux user/guru, a programmer and... That's about it I guess.

Feel free to follow me 🙂

One overlooked #mastodon feature I enjoy is knowing that reading a toot or opening an image isn't contributing to some advertising algorithm's dataset on me and my purchasing preferences.

@EU_Commission @Curia A better approach is for online platforms to make it easy for users to report content to the service provider, who in turn should report it to relevant authorities.

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@EU_Commission This type of undifferentiated is exactly what @Curia has deemed illegal, several times, and it goes against your own declaration of , specifically the right to privacy. This includes the right to private communication. As an EU citizen, I will not accept my personal being compromised.

Targeted surveillance of suspected individuals is justified, mass surveillance is not. Don't undermine end-to-end .

fiction, erotic fantasy, GNU/Linux 

"You're such a good girl" she whispers, slowly stroking your hair with her hand, strong from long hacking sessions on an IBM Model M. "I knew you could do it." Your gaze wanders to your laptop screen where lines of white text scroll by at breakneck speeds. You wince. "And … y–you're sure it was OK to just format my Windows drive like that?" – "Of course," she smirks, "remember? C'mon, say it one more time." – "I– I use Arch btw"


Content warning abbreviations can be a bit confusing, so here are the most common ones:

ph = physical health
mh = mental health
pol. = politics
adj. = adjacent
+ = positively framed
~ = neutrally/uncertaintly framed
- = negatively framed
begpost = crowdfunding request
:boost_ok: = Boosts are okay/appreciated
:birdsite: = Twitter, also known as "Birdsite"

If anyone can think of anything else, we'll happily boost it. But most others tend to be self-explanatory.

Appearently, the HTML formatted data download bundle fetch some embedded images from Facebook's servers.

I'm sure they're not tracking me...

PSA: To everyone who is #NewHere, and those who are not.

When you use hashtags it can help those using a #ScreenReader to use #CamelCase. Screen-readers can then find and pronounce the constituent words, rather than trying to pronounce the whole thing.

It's not essential, but it's one way we can make the Fediverse more welcoming.

I’m not sure I’ve got the hang of the Mastodon universe yet after having migrated from Twitter.

However, if you don’t know me from #twitter, I’m a trans woman giving tours in historical bunkers in Berlin, a bunker from WWII in particular.

I also write about my life as a minority woman – about the bigotry, sexism and misogyny, but also about all the wonders.

And about bunkers of course. I am a #BunkerGirl. Join me on my tours in Berlin and have a share of my bunker enthusiasm.


I just downloaded my Facebook data, now I'm ready to get rid of the last account of mine 🎉

Do you guys have any suggestions on / / related podcasts to add to my feed?

Misinformation, ice cream 

In Denmark "rainbow ice cream" is a three colored ice cream with vanilla, cholocate, and strawberry which is white, brown, and pink

This seemingly racist ice cream must however be seen in its historical context. You see, during the first days of summer white Danish peoples' skin turn all of these colors. White under the t-shirt, pink on the edge where sunscreen was poorly applied, and brown on the rest of the skin

So those three colors really were all we could imagine

hi new users! this is a reminder that mastodon's culture is NOT the same as twitter's-- you're entering a community, not a void, and we're reading your posts and want to interact with you

please don't treat this place as "twitter but with a new ui." the influx has been overwhelming for some of us who've been around for a while, we're happy to see new faces but please be considerate of the people around you as you join this space. thank u

Do you guys have any suggestions on / / related podcasts to add to my feed?

Trying out the new official :mastodon: app for Android. Why is there no local nor federated timeline??

It seems to me that governments and gov officials are in the perfect position to start disseminating updates via services like Mastodon instead of Twitter. Set up a state or fed gov instance for all the officials. All reporters would be forced to start watching these servers for updates. It also seems more ethical to use a gov-run service rather than a privately owned communication network. It could also offer better resiliency.

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