‪# calculate which eve it is for 2019‬
‪"Christmas #{'Eve '*(Date.new(2019,12,25)-Date.today)}”.strip‬

Gource visualizations are fun. They’re even more fun when you can show the resulting visualization right inside the project you’ve visualized: tube.switch.ch/videos/f03981a4

Lately I've found myself writing proper documentation for projects, even if it's just a solo side project. I've found that a comprehensive, up-to-date README is invaluable when returning to a project after a few months doing other things. It's also been invaluable if a second developer ever works on the code.

Here’s a gem for filename sanitation, useful if you generate filenames based on user input. github.com/madrobby/zaru

Ruby OSS community rant/criticism. 

While digging out some dusty code to I discovered that someone has updated "Acts As Hasselhoff" to work with 4+!


I wanna to some Mastodon bots. Anyone worked with the API before? What’s the best gem to use?

How many ActiveRecord developers do you need to screw in a lightbulb? 

Safari user?*

Drag the Mastodon tab all the way to the left to get this handy shortcut in every browser window.

#protip #mastodon

*if you're not, you should be if you're at all concerned about your privacy

class Thomas < Human

def bio
since 2005, core team alumni

I wrote script.aculo.us and Zepto.js.

Born in Austria, live in Pennsylvania now. I have too many and even more old computers.



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