‪Features and apps that tell you how much time you are spending online is like McDonalds selling salads.‬

Feeling the pull to learning containers.

If you need to setup a forum, Discourse is awesome. discourse.org

Noticing the conversation about Rspec these days never mentions BDD.

‪Prometheus monitoring system is what I’ve wanted for so many years. Already tried nagios, sensu, and riemann. It’s easy to set up and flexible/powerful. prometheus.io

Call me old fashioned but... IRC > Slack

Experienced Rails/React/Elm dev looking for work. I'm not a rockstar, but I can get things done. More info: timcase.me

‪bluetooth can be frustrating, if you agree press the like button, if you disagree press and hold the bluetooth button to pair your device‬

I happily develop with 2 Dell XPS 13 laptops running Ubuntu 18.04LTS (cinnamon as my desktop). I provision my entire dev setup with Chef. Every two weeks I wipe one of the laptops and do a clean provision. A bit overboard? Maybe, but I love it.

Putting your backend api at mydomain.com/api and not api.mydomain.com will reduce request volume by 50% because you’re no longer subject to CORS preflight calls. Huge win if you can do it.

If an SPA takes longer (much longer imo) to develop, what are the conditions necessary to warrant it over a traditional server side app?

What do tech and developers have in common with the fashion industry? Everything.

Learned that Swagger API doc can take a Rails Rest API and facilitate the generation of JSON decoders for an Elm frontend. Can also be done directly with GraphQL. Net effect is even more bulletproof Elm frontend.

Why my software project was late, and curiously my trip to Ikea...

I love using file storage for cases where a database doesn't make more sense, and lately those cases are widening.

Martin Fowler's Refactoring could be the most influential (on me) programming book I've ever read, looking forward to the 2nd edition reworked with javascript examples.

Wonder how long until "A modern approach to X" becomes "A postmodern approach to X", because you know we're going there...

Dear America, are we tired of superhero movies yet?

Repeated exposure to programming yields steady conclusion that making things work predictably is rather difficult.

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