I have an unnatural obsession with turning an ipad into a full blown dev machine (thin terminal that I ssh into a digital ocean dev server)

‪One thing living outside the US has taught me is that the term “third world” is totally meaningless, also “developing world” and “developed world” are equally meaningless. Q: So how do you describe the difference between US, Europe and rest of the world? A: Why do you want to?‬

Was gonna spend some serious effort redesigning the UI to look better and work better but instead I think I’m just gonna invert the colors and launch our new dark mode.

“Advertisements generally work on the principle of creating in us a feeling that we lack something and then providing the means to fill it. The writer David Foster Wallace describes their goal as to ‘create an anxiety relievable by purchase’. — Derren Brown, Happy.

‪true artificial intelligence is impossible and will never exist, because to achieve it you _must_ have a complete understanding of how the brain works and we will never achieve that. fight me.‬

IOS red badge notifications are terrible because every app considers itself the most important.

“—no-rdoc —no-ri” are long deprecated rubygem install options and will break in Ruby 2.6.0 with RubyGems 3.0 use “—no-document” instead.

There’s a lot of “design for developer” materials but I found “Refactoring UI” refactoringui.com was the one where it made me really want to start designing things because I knew what I was doing.

‪2019 is the year I finally get serious about Lean. Not the production method, but the drink with jolly ranchers and codeine. I trust Lil Wayne knows what’s good for me.‬

I like the content on netflix, and am happy with my paid membership, but the “you must bingewatch” interface makes me feel like an asshole.

I was able to stop contact form spam and I feel like I’ve really achieved something. 2019 already done.

Does anyone run/configure/install their dev environment using Docker?

If you’re having linux desktop problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and XPS ain’t one. Works great for me.

sometimes I won’t click on something mildly interesting because I’m afraid a recommendation engine will give me a thousand of it

‪I’ve always been jealous of designers because it’s so easy for them to show off their work, also they don’t have the awkwardness of, “Come check out my really cool backend.”‬

‪Features and apps that tell you how much time you are spending online is like McDonalds selling salads.‬

Feeling the pull to learning containers.

If you need to setup a forum, Discourse is awesome. discourse.org

Noticing the conversation about Rspec these days never mentions BDD.

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