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.Net venting 

Y’all don’t realize how utterly broken the .Net culture is. It really is heartbreaking for me because that was the stack I started development on. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, drinking all the Microsoft koolaid. I spent one year in Ruby and gained perspective on how broken the platform is and how delusional.Net devs are to their platform’s capability to create working software. It’s been five years and the delusion is still strong.

TL;DR; .Net is built w/o love. It shows.

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does anyone have a guide for releasing C-extension gems on Ruby? preferably an approach where the building happens on a CI

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Lately I've found myself writing proper documentation for projects, even if it's just a solo side project. I've found that a comprehensive, up-to-date README is invaluable when returning to a project after a few months doing other things. It's also been invaluable if a second developer ever works on the code.

I wish SQL server were more container friendly for CI. Its getting better, but some things still poke hard. I'm jealous of all the peeps that get to fly by with neat pg tricks.

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Frustrated and sad tonight. I had plans to widdle on an interesting feature to integrate our Gitlab issue tracker to my data mgmt app. Instead, upon setting up, I was presented with a mysterious error that seemed to stem from the bowels of rails during migrations. It turns out, specifically, it's with regards to using SQL Server for dev, and sqlite for test. This config has worked for years for me, so I'm not sure what changed. Either way, I lost four hours and much motivation.

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If you're ever looking for Ruby help, we're around on IRC at on freenode any time.


You can find me on there as @baweaver, and as always ping me if you have any issues with conduct.

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In 2014, I added ASCII art to Sidekiq's bootup, the now-infamous kicker.

I thought "I need something even better for Sidekiq Pro customers". I recalled my BBS years and thought ANSI art would be awesome.

I found an ANSI artist on DeviantArt and emailed him about commissioning something similar. He replied, saying "I don't charge for my work, here's something for free (!!!)".

That's how I got Roy/SAC, world famous ANSI artist, to build Sidekiq Pro's boot screen.


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If @jmcharnes can get 25 more rubyists to sign up to ruby.social, I’ll change the instance name to Matztodon for the weekend

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@james any way I can give money to ruby.social for its hosting costs?

Looking for other ruby folks from Minnesota/Wisconsin, specifically closer to Duluth. Would love to say hello!

I work for a company called Fitment Group in Duluth, MN. We provide BI tools to the tire and wheel industry merging our client's product data with geographical demand data with competitor pricing data. Ruby brings me much joy, even though most in our company don't use it. I'm one of those Ruby on Windows with SQL server weirdos.

@joshuap@mastodon.xyz I'm told by @mperham that this is called a toooooot. Toot, from /r/Ruby!


(Let's be honest, I just need some more tshirts so I can procrastenate on laundry day)


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