@mperham Tried running Sidekiq 5 via SystemD on Ubuntu 16 LTS. It starts up but crashes + is restarted after WatchdogSec is reached. Does Sidekiq 5 need some special config other than Type=simple?

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"Explorer, what has your team found?"
"The planet is habitable. It was once home to a relatively developed species that called themselves 'humans', but they burned too many fossil fuels and caused a global climate catastrophe."
"Didn't they do anything to stop that?"
"Yes, they put their best minds to it and came up with a fool-proof plan: stop burning fossil fuels & leave nature intact so trees can suck the carbon out of the air."
"And did they succeed?"
"Naw, they went with Plan B: Let the market regulate itself."

#Microfiction #SciFi #ShortStory
#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels #FossilFools #ListenToTheScience #ActNow #Capitalism #CapitalismKills #Extinction

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Reposting a comment I made on HN regarding the proposed EU ban on facial recognition technology:

>I love coming to these threads to watch the crowd who makes their living from invading the public's privacy attempt to rationalize their worldview, find loopholes, etc. If your job is mass surviellance, it has always been unethical and the law is catching up to you. The purpose of these kinds of laws isn't to bring your business in line - it's to put you out of business.

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The Amazon rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks, the fires are raging so strong that cities kilometers away have been darkened by the ashes.

The current Brazil president, Jaír Bolsonaro, is a climate change denier, he’s withdrawn a lot of the protections that were in place to protect the rainforest, there is no official media coverage.

Fires are being started deliberately to illegally deforest indigenous land, people have died in the fires already Pataxó woman says twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/status

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Yup, I tend to agree with Pat witchdoctor.co.nz/index.php/20 Speaking as a dual US-NZ citizen, I don't think it's wise for NZ businesses to focus on trade with the US. Frankly, Asia is where our export attention should go. Due to politics and its own warped capitalist ideology US' market is now screwed up beyond repair. Best for us to stand clear.

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saw the headline "Global outrage over Facebook service outage"

I was more outraged that it came back up, tbh

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