My thoughts on the blame placed on the original author of the event-stream node package

I would like to put forth an alternative to the word `blocker` during a standup. Sometimes you just run into a hard thing, but it's not blocking. Just takes time. The electrical term is called impedance, and I think it maps well to use in standups for describing a nonblocking hard problem.

This is the most terrifying shit.

When I personally have to deal with interplanetary time, I'm fucking done with my career.

I haven't thought of anything tech related as magical in a long time, but I just bought a pair of AirPods. These things are actually magical.

At it's amazing to think my little city has hundreds of devs that drove or flew in here to listen to some really big names speak. 😎

Staying up all night to not miss an early flight. Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House is grade A stuff πŸ‘Œ

If there's one thing I really like in the JS ecosystem it's the debug package

Anyone know of a similar logger implementation in ruby? Mostly custom coloring per namespace and removing superfluous timestamps when a pointed at a TTY

Is there a list of ruby related podcasts people listen to regularly?

Maybe even include just developer podcasts that includes ruby talk sometimes.

Rails auto-assigning and id that already exists?

Reset it.


On a semi-related note to the new Chrome design:

If you've wanted to try brave, but hate the idea of running an electron browser; Brave has put out Chromium based releases for their new 1.0 coming q4

Having only ever written Ruby web apps in Sinatra or Rails, I feel like after 7 years I should branch out and play with some of the others

Shoutout to @phaedryx for pointing me to

Just reached the 50% mark, and I'm learning a lot. πŸ‘

Reading the implementation behind the GoLang type checker. This really feels like someone tried to fake a custom exception type and "catch" it if things panic.

I added pipes to ruby a few years ago just for fun, but now I'm curious. Would anyone actually use this?

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