My money for a subscription news service will go to the first one that releases a native dark mode.

Don't recommend a browser extension.

Have been trying to replace some homegrown UNIX IPC stuff I wrote in Ruby for multi core concurrency with Ractors. Was quickly thwarted by the inability to use almost any of the standard library in them... But looking forward to improvements to Ractors.

Like many others right now, I've been let go along with 30+% of my coworkers. If anyone knows of positions or needs someone with 10 years software engineering experience writing backend and frontend along with 5 years of React and TypeScript experience, I'm you're guy.

Thought I'd add a little more fuel to the "funding" open source kerfuffle floating around with my own thoughts.

@baweaver Great talk Friday at . Thoroughly enjoyed all the illustrations and showing the ways to warp Ruby in to doing what you want.

`bundle install --path vendor/bundle` should be default behavior.

Gave a talk at ChaDev lunch last Thursday on security. Here's the blog post with recorded video, links to things referenced in the talk as well as the slides. Any input is appreciated so I can be better!

The Git Flow blog post came out 9 years ago.

Joel Spolsky's The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) was published 16 years ago.

Anyone have other blost posts that have stood the test of time and are still available?

RubyGems 3 released!

looks like Ruby 2.6 on Christmas is landing with RubyGems 3 and Bundler 2


sometimes I won’t click on something mildly interesting because I’m afraid a recommendation engine will give me a thousand of it

My thoughts on the blame placed on the original author of the event-stream node package

I would like to put forth an alternative to the word `blocker` during a standup. Sometimes you just run into a hard thing, but it's not blocking. Just takes time. The electrical term is called impedance, and I think it maps well to use in standups for describing a nonblocking hard problem.

This is the most terrifying shit.

When I personally have to deal with interplanetary time, I'm fucking done with my career.

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