I just feel like this whole thing is a failed experiment... "I know, we'll add federation/distribution!!!" is just never the answer for stuff involving humans.

I doubt I'll spend too much time here unless there's a pretty significant change.

@carlesjove fantastic! Glad it helped. It saves me a ton of time when I'm debugging.

@judofyr only from where it is assigned and down. Not up or over.

@citizen428 any hope for a travel stipend or the like for speakers?

@robotdeathsquad "You're". What if a remote person is available and also good at editing?

@judofyr @james the credentials might be a bit sticky to set up in a secure way, but otherwise it shouldn't be that hard.

@jeromedalbert Ah! Apparently this is not a UI element in the desktop client I'm using. 😕 But I can do it via the website.

Is there a "turn off retoots(?)" for someone I'm following feature I can't find?

I gotta say... I understand mastodon even less than I understood twitter. 😕

'lo everyone. I'm an oooold rubyist. Maybe you've seen me around?


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